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Change Your Words,
Change Your Life,
Change Your World

By: Janet L. Hall

I am that I am!

Today I live in limitless love, light, joy and abundance.
Today I live without fear, anger or worry.

Those words are easy to write and read however the truth is many, including myself at times, can be difficult to do and remember to do.

Living in the now, for the moment and just allowing, and being open to the flow, can be challenging, if we choose it to be, for all of us until we become consciously aware of our thoughts, words and actions at every moment.

Changing just a few words and eliminating those that keep us in fear, worry and poverty takes knowing what words you require to change and practice.

Listed here are my personal words I'm working on eliminating and replacing with power words that will feed and change my life and my world.

TRY: this word implies struggle. When it comes down to it we either can or can't (however can't and cannot implies that we don't have the capacity to do a task yet this shouldn't stop me from learning how to do the task...more on that in a second). Try is a word used by many of us. "I'll try to make it over." "I'll try to get organized." I'll try to exercise." And on and on we go. How does one try to do something? How does one attempt to do something? You either do or don't, or can or won't.

Try is really indecision and once you make up your mind and choose to be honest with yourself and others, switch the word try to either you can or can't, or will or won't.

CAN'T: this word as mentioned above prevents us from learning. If you don't want to do something instead of saying "I can't do it." say "I won't do it." Instead of saying "I can't play the piano." say "I can't play the piano right now."

NEED: When we use the word need we are living in a world of scarcity and limitlessness. When we speak the word need in a sentence such as "I need $1000 a month to pay the bills" we are telling the Universe we are living in lack and scarcity and this is all we 'need' to 'make it' so we will always be in need/lack of this thing or that. We are actually pushing away money (or whatever it is we say we need) and not open to the flow and allowing the abundance to come to us. When we change the word need to require or I am open to receiving we are ordering up or calling for the Universe to deliver what we want or allowing the flow of what is to come. This or something better ... I always like to add to the end of what I'm requiring or asking for.

BUT: When we use the word but then any words we speak or write after the word but becomes an excuse. Switch the word but with however and see how that sounds.. However can indicate a different point of view or something else that might happen, such as however if ... honesty instead of an excuse.

FEAR: When you use the word fear or are living in fear we are having anxiety, concern and apprehension of things that 'might' happen, whether real or not. We begin to create our lives out of fear and are living in the future instead of the now and the moment. When we change the word fear to the word courage we are telling the Universe we are brave and living from our heart.

HAVE TO: When we use this phrase we are saying we don't have a choice in the matter. Everyone has a choice. When we say "I have to do this." we are telling the person we have no power over our life. When we switch the word have to with the words choice or choose to we begin to gain our power back and puts us in the drivers seat so to speak.

When we begin to live in the now, the I am, know that we deserve, and are grateful for what we have then we truly begin to change our lives and our world.

Here is a pretty famous quote presumably from a man called Frank Outlaw:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I'd love to hear what words you are working on changing and how it's changed your life.

With the help of my friends Paula (, Nisa ( and Beverly ( I've begun to change my words and I hope I've helped you to begin your journey of changing your life and your world.


Janet is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Certified Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker, and Author and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

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