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Change is in the Air!

Mother Earth has certainly been going through a lot of changes in the short two months of 2010 hasn't it?

Many of us have experienced these changes first hand in the form of snow and blizzards, earthquakes and tsunamis, and floods and fires.

Yes, Mother Nature sure has been "wrecking havoc" for many.

In our personal lives life might be changing in the form of breakups, moves, lost jobs and incomes, addiction, recovery, or relapse, lost homes and family members, holding on and letting go, illness and disease - and the list goes on and on.

Yes, change is in the air for better or for worse.

Change is the rhythm and cycles, the Yin and the Yang, the ebb and the flow, the highs and the lows; whatever and however your refer and respond to change is important.

You see we all go through changes from the time of conception until death (even then change continues) and if we're not changing we become stagnate, stuck, powerless, and victims. And this my friends not only affects you it also effects each and every person you come in contact with.

Our attitudes, out thoughts, our words, our actions can and does impact everyone from the postal carrier to your loved ones, to the stranger on the sidewalk, to the cashier at the grocery store.

How we "handle ourselves" in times of change tells much about a person.

A person whom carries around fear, anger, hate, and misery generally dislikes any kind of change. The fear of not knowing what will happen next, the anger that things aren't the same anymore, the hate for the weather or family member that is causing such chaos, and the misery one imposes on themselves or others can be very overwhelming and hurtful.

On the flip side a person whom carries around trust, joy, love, and gratitude generally welcomes change because they know change is inevitable, it must occur. Trusting that all is well or the Universe knows what is best for them at this time, discovering the joy in lessons to be learned, loving each and everything, no matter what, with no strings attached, and truly grateful for all that they have, whether it be a little or a lot.

If we can evaluate or accept change from a place of calm and from an inner knowing "that this too shall change" then we'll be a much happier person.

Happiness and acceptance begins in the heart, living from your heart instead of from your head.

When we release the fear we discover courage and trust.

When we release the anger we discover joy.

When we release the hate we discover love.

When we release the misery we discover gratitude.

When we release the excuses we discover the how’s.

When we release we discover the true path we are required to take, to go with the flow, and to be able to enjoy and say yes to life.

Yes, change is always in the air no matter the season, where you live, or whom you're with - the question is will you welcome change with an open heart or push change away with a closed mind?

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For more then 15 years, Janet L. Hall has worked in the private and public sectors worldwide with consumers, through her innovative and life changing workshops and lectures, coaching, hands-on training, articles, CD’s and E-Books. Janet’s multi-disciplinary approach to energy work has helped transform the lives and businesses of thousands ranging from doctor's offices, federal and state facilities and employees, faculty members, professional speakers, artists and writers, business and professional men and women, and corporations. Her clients have included the US Census Bureau, the Washington Post, and the EEOC. Janet is a faculty member of the College of Southern Maryland, the Feng Shui Institute of America and the founder of Say Yes to Life.

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