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Courage to Change

Most of my adult life I've been told by a variety of different people that "You're the strong one," and "You have a lot of courage". However I must confess, some days I don't always feel strong and at times I don't have a lot of courage, especially when it comes to something new, strange, different, or painful to deal with. Sound familiar?

However, I've developed 12 tips to assist me (and you) when I want or need to have courage and strength to change the things I no longer want, need, or love in my life and to move through the old and embrace the new.

You see courage is the opposite of withdrawing from things that are seen as difficult or painful.

Courage is all about getting involved, your attitude or your response of facing and dealing with the things you want to change in your life; whether it be getting organized, getting healthier, having more time, changing jobs, having a family, moving, leaving a loved one, and even playing more.

Courage is becoming brave and fearless; moving towards and through the change you want to make.

So the question is how do you find or discover the courage to change?

1. Awareness: Become aware of what you want to change. Write it down and own it.

2. Release Old Beliefs: Question, understand, and uncover yours and other's beliefs you've been carrying around with you since childhood and 'testing' to see if there are true for you and your life.

3. Put Yourself First: Say YES to you and no to others. You are the most important person in your life!

4. Acceptance: Honor yourself; what you feel about the change and where you are now in your life.

5. Permission: Give yourself permission to be strong, have courage, and change and tell yourself it's okay.

6. Commitment: Be committed to the change you want to see, do, be or have.

7. Independence: Let go of the emotions and need for others, stuff, or food to 'survive'. Look to yourself for happiness, not others.

8. Willingness: Risk and walk through the fear or pain so you can begin to grow and change.

9. Forgive: Be forgiving of yourself if "you slip" or are criticized.

10. Action: Take the necessary steps and actions towards courage and change.

11. Become Receptive: Be accepting and open to receive a wondrous, new, and yes different life or way of doing things.

12. Gratitude: Give thanks and respect yourself for what you have accomplished!

And if you need assistance and strength read the beginning of the Serenity Prayer:

"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."

When you find courage you'll begin to experience great accomplishments, master your life and begin to really experience
your life more fully! I wish you well, strength, and courage.

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For more then 15 years, Janet L. Hall has worked in the private and public sectors worldwide with consumers, through her innovative and life changing workshops and lectures, coaching, hands-on training, articles, CDís and E-Books. Janetís multi-disciplinary approach to energy work has helped transform the lives and businesses of thousands ranging from doctor's offices, federal and state facilities and employees, faculty members, professional speakers, artists and writers, business and professional men and women, and corporations. Her clients have included the US Census Bureau, the Washington Post, and the EEOC. Janet is a faculty member of the College of Southern Maryland, the Feng Shui Institute of America and the founder of Say Yes to Lifeô.

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