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Are You a Hostage of Indecision?

By: Janet L. Hall

The power to make decisions to change leads to powerful changes.

Did you know that the decisions or lack of decisions you make today is how you CHOOSE to experience your days, environment, and life?

If what you are doing or how you are living doesn't make you feel good, then you need to make a decision to make a change.

Until today you might have accepted that being a hostage of indecision to your clutter and stuff is the way it is always going to be, things will never change. This is true, to a point. To the point that until you decide to take control and make positive constructive adult decisions your life will continue as it is today.

When you make a decision, it has a consequence or a benefit, yet you can influence the quality of that consequence or benefit if you are aware of your true intentions and how your really want to live.

One decision can result in a cascade of freedom from clutter, pain, stress, worry, and a prisoner of all your stuff.

Your NOW lies in your past. What you decided to do or not do in the past, action or non-action, has helped to shape your NOW - this precise moment in time.

Your future lies in your NOW and what you decide on right NOW - at this precise moment - will ripple out deciding energy forces towards the future and wait patiently for you to arrive at that now; awaiting to show you how your decisions and actions, from many moons back, has gotten you to where you are NOW!

Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and take a moment to plug into your first memory of the WHO's, WHAT'S, WHEN's, WHERE's, and WHY's of how you've arrived at your chaotic, stressful, and cluttered up world you currently live in. Write your answers down, email them to me, and tell someone out loud of your memories.

Think back to how you saved, piled, hoarded, hid, and stashed things. When did this begin? What happened to you? Who was setting the example? Who was making the decisions?

If you were a child and your "decisions" didn't "matter," then if you must, blame whomever, forgive them, move forward with your life, and start making different conscious adult choices about WHAT you want to change; WHO you want to help you; WHEN you're going to start; WHERE you're going to start. Be honest and your WHY's and the HOW's of change will come to you easier then you think.

Five Reasons You Can't Make a Decision:

  1. Lack of Motivation
  2. Procrastination - "It's easier to put things off then it is to act decisively." [Power of Focus; Canfield, Hansen, and Hewitt; pg. 248]
  3. Inactivity - non action - too overwhelmed or painful to move. It's easier for you to NOT do something then it is to take any action.
  4. Lack of focus - Inability to plan, schedule, or follow through..
  5. Unaware - You haven't a clue how your environment is affecting you and your loved ones.

Let's look at the number one reason, Lack of Motivation:

"There are primarily two ways to motivate yourself: You can fear the consequences of not taking action; or you can get excited about the rewards and benefits of being proactive." [Power of Focus; Canfield, Hansen, and Hewitt; pg. 249]

I want to ask you, " What are the consequences for not getting organized and taking control of your environment and life?

Many of my clients "out of control" consequences have been:

  • Lost a job (or about to), client, raise, or promotion.
  • Stress of daily living has had a toll on their lives and their medical bills are soaring.
  • Families quarreling and sometimes splitting up.
  • Loss of friends.
  • Passing on their bad habits to their children.
  • Waking up one day and wondering what happened to their life.

I believe that you also can gain some kind of "reward" by not making a decision to take back control of your environment and life.

Many of my clients "rewards" for living in (and staying in) a chaotic, stressful, and cluttered up life is:

  • They get attention; however this is generally negative attention.
  • They always have something to talk, complain, or whine about.
  • They like being referred to as the "eccentric in the family."
  • They have something to fight about.
  • They let others control their life and make decisions so they don't have to, letting themselves off the hook.

Folks, let me tell you, this gets OLD! Trust me, people get tired of hearing you complain and whine, and never take any positive action towards "fixing" the situation - never getting any help - unable to move forward - chained to your misery because you can't make a decision! WHY? There has to be a reward. What's yours?

Only YOU can decide to choose to take positive actions - you can have control over yourself, your life, and your environment. And if you need some help then call me for help. I'll help you.

Before you decide to call or not call me - ask yourself this:

"What will my future, life, and environment be like and look like if I continue to let the stuff pile up and rule my life, not know where my important documents are when needed or if they're even safe, or if I continue to travel willie-nillie through my days with lack of focus, motivation, and desire, unable to accomplish anything because of poor time awareness, and the inability to say no or make a decision?"

I can tell you what your future will look like - H---! CHAOTIC! UNSUCCESSFUL! IN DEBT! STAGNANT! STUCK IN THE SAME OLD RUT!

I know it seems you can't climb out of your "black hole," can't loosen the chains of dis-order that are dragging you down. You're your own prisoner in a world that you DECIDED to create for yourself; however, the good news is your world can start to change to "heaven on earth" if you'd only make the decision and choice that you want a different life, a better life.

A better life that will allow you to have a feeling of security, knowing where your important and irreplaceable documents are and that they are stored safely away.

A better life that will allow you to have the ability to actually SAVE money because you won't need to buy something because you're unsure if you have it or "just in case."

By taking care of and taking control of yourself, your environment and your time you won't need to "shop till you drop" to fulfill 'that something missing' feeling.

Once you get organized and gain back control of your life you'll be able to have the time, money, and peacefulness you've been longing for.

Look into your heart today, now, and decide your future.

With some guidance and coaching from me you'll have the bragging rights that you did all the WORK! People will notice; however, more importantly you will notice. Your life will start to change and wonderful things will begin to happen to you and around you. You will fall in love with life again - You'll be alive!

So DECIDE, I dare you!

Do you want to continue to struggle and stumble through life?


Do you want to become successful or accomplished?


Do you need some motivation, help, and direction?


Do you want to look back at your life with a big list of unfinished to-do's? I don't think so! No one wants to be on their death bed saying, " If only, " do you?

"The pain of discipline weighs ounces whereas the pain of regret weighs tons."
--Jim Rohn

I dare you to make the decision NOW to finally gain control of your life, your stuff, and your environment.

And if you've been lead to believe that you should be able to maintain your "stuff" and your environment alone - if you think you should be able to do this by yourself - if you feel lost but are afraid to admit it - if you simply can't decide where or how to start, or what to do - if you need someone to help hold you accountable - if you have these thoughts or other feelings, then you probably need someone like me to help you.

The more you see the "picture of your future," the more decisive you will become about what actions you need to take in your life for positive change. I hope you'll allow me to free you and help you see "your heaven on earth."


Janet is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Certified Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker, and Author and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

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