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Reverse Implied Negativity to Positive

By: Janet L. Hall

The other day my husband commented on an item that he hated the placement of it as he was constantly knocking it over, so was Brunno, our dog. Strong word hate. So I've now moved the item.

So I asked what other items, if any, bothered him. And then I thought to myself, what bothers me? What is in our home that has "implied negativity" to us?

Let's look at "implied negativity". Something that is indirectly or disguised that causes negative thoughts or emotions when looked upon.

Now you know clutter causes negativity, however I'm talking about the items in your home or office that you might not even be aware of that cause negativity. Items that you "no longer see" because "they are 'always' there".

So let's take off our blinders, really look and explore together around our home or office and look at what we've placed
in our spaces and what those items mean to us today.

Let's start with your art and pictures. Do you have any artwork or pictures in your space that cause you any negative emotions or thoughts? Have no value to you any longer? Doesn't feed your spirit or soul?

For instance: I have a poster I had framed a very long time ago. I mean a long time ago. I ordered the poster, I had the poster specially framed at a frame shop. I no longer have it hanging on the wall; however it sits in my shipping department, behind the door (bad Feng Shui) and says, among other things, How To Be Happy In Spite Of Yourself. I took it off the wall a long time ago because I want to be happy because of myself! So for me it had "implied negativity" and I didn't want it around me. Yet for some reason (the frame was expensive) I've held on to it, stashing it behind the door. Not any the trash it went frame and all! (I couldn't get it out of the frame and if I haven't wanted to use the frame before now I know I will never use it).

Do you have a wall hanging you are holding on to you no longer want? Then remove it from your space and feel the weight lifted and the positive come into your life and that space.

Now let's look at knickknacks, collections, awards, and books. Do any of these items cause you any negative emotions or thoughts? Have no value to you any longer? (Read that, learned that, been there and done that). Doesn't feed your spirit or soul?

For instance: This past two weeks I really looked at my books (I LOVE books) and have decided what I no longer need and what I wanted to release so others might learn or benefit from them. Also some of the books were sad reminders of what I didn't finish or perhaps follow through with so I've taken them off my bookcases. I'm only keeping the books that I'm still learning from, were autographed, or use for research. Now when I look at my bookcases I have a more positive feeling then before.

Okay let's do one more together and then you can take a walk through your spaces and start "seeing" with a new set of eyes.

Let's look at your clothes in your closet. Do you have any clothes that cause you any negative emotions or thoughts? For instance, clothes that might remind you of your weight gain? Have no value to you any longer? (Never wear it). Makes you feel dated or brings back bad memories? Doesn't feed your spirit or soul?

You might find a lot of items that you didn't know had "implied negativity" for you; however just by moving, removing and better yet getting rid of you will begin to reverse the negative to a more positive space and a more positive state of mind.

Either sell, donate or pass your items forward if they still have use. I bet you can find someone that will love what no longer feeds you.

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