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Perception: Crisis or Challenge

By: Janet L. Hall

I believe it was last week when I caught John Stossel doing a talk on ABC's 20/20, "The Big, Bad Bailout" ( and it sounded intriguing to me so I watched.

He began by telling us how the government and most politician's continually remind us that we (the nation) are in crisis and that virtually every industry, agency, and household is in trouble.

Now I'm not one to debate politics, nor do I want to with you. What I'm leading up to is your personal situation and how you choose to perceive things.

I personally feel the word challenge is better fitting then the word crisis. The word crisis indicates disaster or catastrophe, where as a kinder word might be something like predicament, quandary or jam. When we look at the word challenge, the meanings are to confront, be brave, and face up to. The words we choose and our politicians and news people use can have a great impact on you unless you choose not to buy into their words and emotions. Unless you choose a different perception.

So now let's look at your personal situation which might involve some challenges - things that you want to be brave about, face up to and do something about - having to do with clutter. Perhaps you have some debt clutter, body clutter, space clutter, brain clutter, job clutter, kids clutter, or spouses clutter.

Figuring out how to best face/fix your personal challenges in and of its self might be your first challenge. Where to begin or how to begin.

First let's break all those clutter challenges down into two areas so it isn't so overwhelming and identify the categories that come under each area. We'll have Person Clutter and Place Clutter.

Person Clutter:

Any worry or anything you are having a challenge making a decision about how to handle or "fix"; brain clutter (negative thoughts and worries), debt clutter, body clutter (health and weight), speech clutter, kids clutter and spouses clutter.

Place Clutter:

Any space; floor, surface tops, drawers, filing cabinets, closets or rooms that are filled with clutter or "out of control".

Okay let's get started by working on speech and brain clutter first. As my dear friend Paula says, "Are you willing to make the shift in your consciousness..."? Meaning are you ready to learn how to shift and change the way you think, feel, and speak of your challenges and your life?

Are you ready to release the negative talk, to release any anger or fear, to release frustrations and impatience, to release any judging and prejudices, and to release the old beliefs?

Are you willing to make the discoveries about your clutter and take the actions to saying yes to your life"?

Okay then...

The words you think and say and the emotions you feel have a strong impact on your life and for that matter for those around you. Not only do they influence you and your future, they influence all the people near and dear to you.

Let me give you some examples:

When you say "I need more money." You are projecting and experiencing lack, or not enough. Say "I have all that I need."

When you say "I have too much cr* ap". You are projecting and experiencing that what you do have has no value to you or others. You are verbally ditching the stuff you have brought into your home. Say " I have an abundance of items that have value to others I'm willing to release, share and pass it forward".

When you say "I feel like a prisoner in my own home". You are projecting and experiencing that you have no control over yourself or your home and you are unable to move around, leave, or invite others over. Say "I have all the freedom I need, I can move effortless through my home and I welcome others to my space ".

When you think, say, or feel lack, feel unfulfilled, or talk your negative talk you are inviting that very thing into your life, into your experiences, and into your reality.

So it is when you think, say of feel abundance, feel fulfilled, and use positive talk, you are inviting that very thing into your life, into your experiences, and into your reality.

It's called the Law of Attraction. What you ask for comes to you. What you think about comes to you.

When you begin to understand your emotions, you'll begin to understand your thoughts and be able to change your perception, your focus and your words to a more positive point of view.

Pay close attention to your words, thoughts and emotions for the next week and see how you can change the negative into the positive. Once you begin to change your words and emotions towards your life you will begin to see miracles happen, you will begin to see a shift in your life and those around you.

Remember "Life is a Full-Time Job; You Cannot Fail Unless You Quit" (c).

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