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Decide Today: Say YES to
Change and Get Moving!

By: Janet L. Hall

I have a confession to make. I'm about 20 lbs over weight and I'm finally ready to get serious about doing something about it. No I'm not getting a tummy tuck or going on a diet or taking any pills. I'm going to get moving and exercise!

Change is not always so easy as you probably know. In my case exercising makes you sweat and for some reason I don't like to sweat...although when I think about it I don't mind sweating when I'm doing something I like, like organizing. Yes I know I'm a little crazy.

I know I can make changes quickly once I have my mind made up and ask for any support or guidance I might need. I know with positive thinking, strong intent, desire and being specific in what I want to change the change will come; however I will need to get moving.

Now I don't want to go to a gym, been there, done that. For some reason that didn't work for me.

I also know that I will need to like the exercise and make it fun. And I also know that I can use EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) to assist in all this.

So I've chosen the following fun exercises:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jump Rope
  • Swinging
  • Dancing

These fun exercises are much more exciting to me then going to a gym or dieting.

I've decided to be kind to my heart, bones and body by sweating more!

Whether you're overweight, drowning in clutter, or have the weight of the world on your shoulders say yes to life and start moving.

  • Decide today what direction you need to take to make changes you'd like to make in your life.
  • Decide today how you can make those changes.
  • Decide today how you can have fun while making those changes.
  • Decide today to have only positive thoughts about the changes - no negativity allowed.
  • Decide today to flow freely and lovingly with your life and know that as long as you keep moving that only good can come to you and your environment.

Say YES to Life TODAY!


Janet is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Certified Pyramid Feng Shui Practitioner, Speaker, and Author and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

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