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Sound Healing

While we're in the womb we hear our mothers heartbeat and then lullabies; as children we learn through song and instruments; as teenagers and young adults, we have our favorite love songs, break-up songs, school songs, and favorite musical groups/bands. We are exposed to commercial jingles, marching bands, work songs, wedding music, funeral music, holiday music, religious music and patriotic tunes. Each one having their own resonance, rhythm, melody, harmony, pitch, timbre and energy. Music can make us happy or sad, cry, dance with joy, and make our blood pressure go high or low.

Outdoors we are exposed to traffic sounds: cars and trucks speeding by, horns blowing, planes flying overhead, trains chugging down the tracks, sirens from police, fire or ambulances, nature sounds: birds chirping, leaves rustling in the breeze, waves hitting the shore, water bubbling down a stream, a dog barking, a horse whining, or an insect buzzing by. Most might not even be aware of these sounds or these sounds might be what some call noise.

Sound, it's all around you!

How You Hear:

What we call "sound" is really an onrushing, cresting, and withdrawing wave of air molecules that begins with the movement of any object, however large or small, and ripples out in all directions. First something ahs to move -- a tractor, a cricket's wings -- that shakes the air molecules all around it, then the molecules next to them begin trembling, too, and so on. Waves of sound roll like tides to our ears, where they make the eardrum vibrate; this in turn moves three colorfully named bones (the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup), the tiniest bones in the body.[6]

Sound healing may be produced by a voice, a recording, or an instrument such as electronic equipment, chanting bowls, drums, or tuning forks. I like to use voice, music, singing bowl, drums, rain stick and a pitch pipe.

Music therapy goes back to ancient times. The I Ching, Chinese Book of Wisdom states that "music has the power to ease tension within the heart and to lessen and loosen obscure emotions". This is one of the oldest books in Chinese culture.

Sound healing is useful in:

  • improving your memory

  • regulating heart rate and blood pressure

  • controlling pain

  • change your emotional outlook

  • improving your mental and physical energy levels

  • managing stress and anxiety

  • controlling panic attacks

  • better sleep

  • meditation

  • stimulating your immune system

"The human body is a bio-electrical system which can be altered, strengthened,
and/or balanced through the use of sound.
" -- Ted Andrews, author of The Healer's Manual

To learn more or have a Sound Healing session with me or a workshop please call 410-586-9440 or click

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