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Breads, Cereals, Grains, and Rolls

Bagels Flour Pancakes
Biscuits Grits Pizza
Bread Macaroni/Pasta's Popcorn
Corn Meal Muffins Rice
Crackers Noodles Rolls
Donuts Oatmeal Waffles

Cleaning Supplies, Paper Products, and Toiletries

Baby Products Foil Shampoo
Bags Laundry Detergent Soap
Baggies Male Products Softener
Bleach Mouth Wash Sponges
Cleansers Napkins Toilet Paper
Conditioner Paper Plates Toothpaste
Dishwasher/ing Detergent Paper Towels Wax Paper
Female Products Scrubbies Window Cleaner


Herbs/Spices Mustard Relish
Honey Olives Salad Dressings
Horseradish Peanut Butter Salt
Jelly Pepper Sauces
Ketchup Pickles Sugar
Mayonnaise Pimentos  

Dairy Products

American Cheese Cream Parmesan Cheese
Brie Cheese Cream Cheese Powdered Milk
Butter Dips Ricotta Cheese
Buttermilk Eggs Romano Cheese
Cheddar Cheese Evaporated Milk Sour Cream
Cheese Ice Cream Swiss Cheese
Chocolate Milk Margarine Tofu
Cocoa Milk Whipping Cream
Cottage Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Yogurt

Drinks & Snacks

Beer/Alcohol Gelatins Pretzels
Cake Juices Snack Bars
Candy Kool-Aid Soda
Chips/Dip Nuts Tea
Coffee Pie Water
Cookies Pudding  


Apples Grapes Pears
Apricots Lemons Pineapples
Bananas Limes Plums
Blueberries Mangos Raspberries
Cherries Melons Strawberries
Dates Oranges Tangerines
Figs Papaya Watermelon
Grapefruit Peaches  


Bacon Ham Lunch Meats
Beef Hamburger Pork
Bologna Hot Dogs Roast Beef
Chicken Lamb Sausage
Corned Beef Liver Steak
Duck Liverwurst Turkey

Pets and Special Items

Animal Food Dog Cookies Kitty Litter
Bird Food Dog Food Magazines
Cat Food Frozen Foods Medicine
Dog Bones Hosiery Newspaper


Catfish Halibut Scallops
Clams Herring Shad
Cod Lobster Shark
Crab Mackerel Shrimp
Fish Sticks Monk Swordfish
Flounder Oysters Tuna
Grouper Rockfish  
Haddock Salmon  


Artichoke Cucumbers Parsnips
Asparagus Eggplant Peas
Avocados Endive Peppers
Beans Garlic Potatoes
Beets Green Beans Radishes
Broccoli Kale Rutabagas
Brussels Sprouts Kohlrabi Soybeans
Cabbage Lentils Spinach
Carrots Lettuce Squash
Cauliflower Mushrooms Sweet Potatoes
Celery Mustard Greens Tomatoes
Chard Okra Turnip Greens
Collards Onions Turnips
Corn Parsley Watercress

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