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Master Bedroom Organization

Organizing Exercises
for Your Master Bedroom


My New Pajamas Made Me Do It!


Organizing Exercises for Your Master Bedroom

By: Janet L. Hall

The function of the bedroom is primarily used to sleep in; however, many of us use our bedrooms for a variety of other activities.

How does your bedroom function?  What other activities are performed in you boudoir other then sleeping?

Sewing, exercising, paying bills, watching TV, listening to music, reading, working on the computer, mediating...........

How can your bedroom space be utilized to its fullest?

How would you like it to look?

Is your bedroom functioning as your bedroom or a catch all room?

Is it usefully arranged? 

Stand in the doorway and imagine the perfect room in which to rest your body, mind, and spirit.

With pen and paper, look around your bedroom, starting on a wall and working your way around the room, take inventory: (please print this page out so you won't waste time rewriting the exercise or trying to remember the questions).

What needs to be organized?

What needs to be straightened up?

What needs to be moved or rearranged?

What colors would rock you to sleep at night and soothe you upon waking?

Look at each wall area. 

What’s there? 
A pile of clothes: clean, dirty, folded, unfolded? 
Newspapers, magazines, books, papers? 
Hats, ties, shoes, socks, stockings? 
Snacks, dishes, silverware, cups, or glasses?

Does that stuff belong there?

Where do you want that stuff to * live *?

Where does that stuff belong?

What shouldn’t be * living * there?

Make a list of each "seeable" item.

Do this for all four-wall areas in your bedroom.

Now, look at your surfaces: your dresser, bureau, make-up table, TV stand, trunks, bed, sitting area, and nightstands. 

What’s there? 
Unopened mail, bills, receipts, unfinished projects? 
Perfume bottles, jewelry, make-up?
Ties, coins, money?
Pens, paper, notes, books?
CD’s, videos, audio tapes, remote controls? 
Some of the same stuff you found on the floor?

Does that stuff belong there?

Where do you want that stuff to * live *?

Where does that stuff belong?

What shouldn’t be * living * there?

Make a list of each "seeable" item.

Do this for all surface areas in your bedroom.

Is your bedroom environment organized for sleeping and relaxing or is it full of clutter, chaos and dysfunction?

What is to be kept, stored, and housed in your private, and yes, scared place?

Where can you store or place like items so you will remember where they are, and you can put your hands on the items when needed?

Above all else, remember, life isn't like a magazine picture!  It takes a team of people, and many hours to make up those pretty pictures we see on the glossy pages of our magazines or on the screen of our TV.

Get real and be realistic about your bedroom.  Let me know if this exercise has helped you by writing to me.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2010 OverHall Consulting Janet, The Person/Place Energy Mover, can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at


By: Janet L. Hall

Waking up to chaos and clutter can instantly drain you of your energy and put your spirit in a foul mood, even causing you to become depressed.

As a professional organizer, I’m often asked, * Where do I start? * I always suggest one of two areas, your bedroom or your important home or office files.

Many have disagreed, stating that they would prefer to start with a room that others may see when visiting.

But I’m here to tell you, don’t worry about those areas… yet. My saying is, * you can drop by anytime to visit me but if you want to visit my house to see how clean it is, make an appointment! * (there is a difference between clean, neat, and organized, but that’s another article <g>).

Organizing and cleaning those areas will only make your Spirit soar temporarily. Those areas will NOT feed your Spirit in the way it needs to be feed in the morning, BEFORE you get out of bed! (unless you sleep in one of those areas <g>).

So why not start decluttering and * OverHalling * the room in which you awake every morning? Take care of you boudoir first! It’s the first room you see in the morning and the last room you see at night.

Your bedroom can set the stage for your day and how your Spirit will feel, react, and cope throughout the rest of the day.

EDITORS TIP: After reading this article, place it next to your bed with a pencil and before you get out of bed reread and answer the following:

Now, look around you. What do you see? Chaos and clutter or calm and organization?

What beauty can a new morning bring you? What is your vision of your day?

Listen. What do you hear? Bickering, * Can’t find….*, or laughter and a birds song?

Start this new day by listening to nature outside your window. Sing, whistle, hum, or play music that lifts your spirit and refreshes. (I sing to myself, * You’ve got to wake up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart…Carole King) What do you smell? Dirty socks, moldy * stuff * or a fresh cut lawn, sun dried sheets, or the fragrance of flowers?

Inhale and infuse yourself with power for the day with fresh clean scents around you. A scented candle, fresh flowers on your nightstand, scented soaps, lotions, or oils.

What do you feel? Overwhelmed, depressed, drained, or rejuvenated and renewed?

Renew and elevate your Spirit by embracing the day upon waking, take a big stretch, read an affirmation, your spiritual book, or a daily inspiration. Pray or meditate.

Write down what you would like to see, hear, smell, and feel when you first awake. What do you have to do to feed your senses and your Spirit?

When you start clearing the clutter out of your senses, you will begin to become open and aware to receiving those things that can feed your body, soul, and spirit.

If you feed your spirit and your mind upon waking, you’ll day will run smoother. You’ll become more aware of what’s going on around you and within you.

Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life, writes in one of his daily inspirations for heart-centered living:

*…Each day is like a life unto itself, and so the first minutes of each day are the formative minutes. We must take special care to sound the keynote that will set the tone for our entire day. How do you begin your day? Do you spend it with God, in peace, in attunement with yourself? Or do you pop out of bed and immediately dive into the busy-ness of the day, postponing your soul’s needs in favor of lesser activities? *

He goes on to say, * Take at least the first 20 minutes of your day to meditate, pray, read an inspiring book, practice yoga or tai chi, walk in the woods, sing, dance, or engage in any practice that links you to a higher power. Establish your center, and the day that follows will reflect clarity, strength, and love. Any time you spend with Spirit will be returned throughout the day. Even a few seconds of closing your eyes and remembering the presence of love will make a big difference. At the end of your day, be with God before entering sleep. The formative minutes will build the consciousness that makes a productive life. *

If you’d like to learn to mediate or need help in this area, John Edward, author of Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides, has a wonderful audio tape with some amazing exercises.

I love the mediating exercise in which Mr. Edwards teaches; how to * breath in Universal positive energy and force out any negative energy you are holding in your body. Giving your body permission to surrender your negative energy.

I’d like to give you permission to rid yourself of all the negative clutter and stuff in your bedroom.

If something reminds you of how much weight you’ve gained, get rid of it!

If something makes you sad or unhappy, get rid of it!

If something brings back bad memories, get rid of it!

If something makes you feel dated, get rid of it!

If something is broken (you’ll never use it again or will cost more to fix then replace), or irreparable, get rid of it!

If something from your past would embarrass your loved ones after you gone, get rid of it!

If something doesn’t mean anything to you any longer, get rid of it!

Wall by wall, inch by inch, surface area by surface area, all the clutter and stuff that you’ve STUFFED into the one place you should be able to go to to relax, reflect, make love, sleep, and meet your Spirit in the morning can be sorted through using my TEASER technique.

Nine Additional Steps to Get Started:

1. Decide how much time you have or are willing to dedicate to creating your own personal paradise.
2. Set a timer for the length of time you have set aside to declutter.
3. Take the phone off the hook.
4. Turn off the computer and TV.
5. Don’t answer the door.
6. If you have children, make sure they have an activity to do or have someone watch over or play with them (or maybe they can help <g>).
7. Stay focused by NOT leaving the room.
8. Do NOT bring anything else into the room you’re decluttering that doesn’t belong there.
9. Do NOT run out and buy storage items until AFTER you have sorted through your stuff!

Remember it’s not about being neat; anyone can straighten or tidy up. It’s about utilizing your bedroom and space for what it’s meant to do – a place to rest the soul and Spirit.

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life or life.
In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of
Your existence:
The bliss of growth;
The glory of action;
The splendor of achievement;
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision;
But today, well lived, makes every
Yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day!
--Kalidasa (Translated from the Sanskrit)

Look for ways the Universe spoils you today and everyday.


Copyright (c) 2004 - 2010 OverHall Consulting Janet, The Person/Place Energy Mover, can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, and your environment. FREE newsletter, OverHall IT! at

My New Pajamas Made Me Do It!

By: Janet L. Hall

I never really finished last seasons "switch over" (winter to summer) of changing around my wardrobe. Generally I will take the winter clothes out of my drawers, storing those items in a big plastic bin, and out of my closet, storing those items in my spare bedroom closet, and move my spring/summer clothes in. For some reason I never quite completed the project. And I’ll bet this has happened to you at some time.

Anyway, my drawers were stuffed, and my side of the closet was slowing pinning my husbands’ clothes up against the wall. And since I didn’t take the time to complete the switch over, I had run out of drawer and closet space.

Now I’m not sure where this next thing I'm about to reveal to you came from. Maybe because:

=>I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going.
=>I had to endure several surgeries throughout the year.
=>I was overworked.
=>I was tired.
=>I was being neglectful.
=>I just didn’t care.

Now I could continue to analyze this situation I did to myself, this predicament I had gotten myself into but I’m sure you are dying to know my secret….right?

Well, here it is, confession of a professional organizer…I started putting my clean folded clothes in a pile on the floor, in front of the closet!!! And saying to myself each time I put clothes in that pile, “I’ve got to redo my closet and drawers.”  I’ve said that since end of winter through the end of summer -- SIX MONTHS! And it's now the winter season again.

Not until two weeks ago, when I went to Penney’s and purchased four new pairs of pajamas, did I finally decide to finish the "switch over." Not until two weeks ago did I shake off whatever had attached its self to me did I plunge all gong-oh to remove everything in my closet that wasn’t for winter, everything that was too small; if the button didn’t button and the zipper wouldn’t zip up without "sucking in" – IT WAS OUT OF THERE!

All summer clothes were sorted through with the same zill! Besides being too tight or uncomfortable, out went: things I didn’t wear last year, once loved colors or prints, anything itchy, that didn’t fit properly, or I just decided I didn’t care for any longer also got added to the pile that had now grown into a mound!

I even called my husband in, before he went off fishing, to quickly eyeball his clothes for anything he might not have a need for or want to donate to my “cause” He has less clothing, no pj’s or all the other under clothes and accessories us females own. With little effort, boom, boom, boom, he was finished.

Downward to my shoes, knowing I had pairs of high heels I had not wore in ages (remember, I’m human just like you), and I never would wear again because I don’t want to wear high spiky heels EVER again were tossed onto the mound. Any shoes that: gave me a blister, tightened like a beaver trap towards the end of the day, on days when it was very hot or when my feet would swell from whatever reason. OUT, OUT, OUT they went! Any shoe or boot, if they had EVER caused my feet, legs, or back to ache after wearing, they were outa’ my closet, my space, and my life.

As I changed the music CD to “Born To Be Wild” and poured myself a “fake” glass of wine into a beautiful wineglass, I was
back to tackle my drawers. I had one large drawer with beautiful, expensive, “tiny” lingerie. Oh what memories! And who was I kidding – I hadn’t been able to wriggle into some of those beautiful silk and lacy memories in years – time to finally let go – I was finally READY!

On to my sock drawer which held white socks, black socks, and a variety of colored socks. Hey, 95% of the time I always wear black socks! SO with that reality and honesty I tossed over to my pile all the colored socks except the black pairs and a few white pairs.

I also had a slip, camisole, and scarf drawer. Now I very seldom wear a dress anymore, so how many slips did I need?! I kept a long on, two short ones, one black and one white, one long half slip, one white and one black camisole, and added the rest to the HEAP along with all the scarves that I had told myself I’d wear one day.

With two drawers left – the old flop them in and bind them up – bra drawer - and my pajama drawer that also contained some long john shirts and pants and those warm, booty sock things with traction thingies on the bottom of the feet – and some had holes!

Any bra that was too small, too tight, or the straps slipped off my shoulders – so annoying – or that contained wire was out of the drawer and into the trash!

Last but not least the item of clothing that started this ruthless no if, ands, or buts about it, won’t stop till I’m finished, it’s all going TODAY – it was time to step up and take control of this “getting out of hand” clothes piles – the Pajama Drawer. The instigator, the motivator, the reason for this mountain of clothes on my bed. I had wanted some new pajamas and Penney’s was having a sale. I brought four new beautiful pairs of pajamas, and there was no place or space to put these divine items. Now they have a home and check this out...I was so ruthless that all my summer casual clothes now fit in one SPARE drawer instead of my plastic bin!

If you would like more help, check out our ebook, Get Honest About Your Bedroom Clutter and FINALLY Get Organized! It's loaded with more clothes and bedroom organizing tips at

Janet L. Hall is an OMI-Certified Organizer, Speaker, and Author and owner of OverHall Consulting. She has developed “The 5 W’s of Organizing, a TEASER, and a “TICKLE”ă”. Subscribe to her newsletter at   To find out more about her services and products, please visit her web site at

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By: Janet L. Hall

Does it seem like your clothes are multiplying?

Fear not because you are not alone! Paper, toys, and laundry are usually on the top of all my home clients’ list of causing chaos and frustration. According to The Tide Clothesline® at the average household washes 7.4 loads – about 50 lbs. - per week and the average load contains 16 items. They go on to say that in a typical household, more than 6,000 articles of clothing are washed each year!

I’d like you to ask yourself and answer the following questions; I hope these will help you in evaluating your situation. I have added suggestions and some thoughts for you to ponder on after the questions.

  • Who do you do laundry for?
  • Who can do their own laundry?

If you’re washing for everyone in the home and you have children/spouse that can reach the knobs on the machines, ask them for HELP.

=>Teach them to be responsible for their clothing and show them how to sort, wash, fold, and put away.
=>Post washing and drying instructions near the machines.
=>Develop a schedule for family members that can wash their own clothes.
  • What kinds of clothes are piling up—children’s, towels, sheets, etc.?
  • What help can you get from others? 

=>Assign and limit 1-2 towels to each family member per week.
=>Wear clothes more then once.
=>If you have children that are too young to do their own laundry, teach them to sort clothes and/or fold towels, underwear, socks. Depending on their age, don’t expect it to be perfect but praise them for their help.
=>Show children where "their folded" items go (make it easy for them by storing those items in bottom drawers).

  • When do you prefer to do laundry?
  • When do you have time to do laundry?

=>Decide if you prefer to do laundry in the morning, in the evening, during the week, or only on weekends.
=>Pick a day and time that you’re not going to be constantly interrupted or tempted to "play".
=>Place yourself on a schedule and system if you can’t get help.
=>Time yourself and your machines cycles; sort, wash, machine or line dry, fold, sort and put away to help you determine how much time you need for each load.
=>Wash, dry, and put away by person or room.

Sample schedules:

Stay at home two loads a day schedule:

If you stay or work from home try starting a wash load in the morning while the coffee is brewing, throw that load in the dryer or hang at lunch time, and start another wash load. Right before or after dinner, take the dried load out and put the other load in. Fold while dinner is cooking, watching the news, or waiting for pages to load on the Internet. Get the last load out and fold before going to bed. Make sure you put each person/rooms in a sorted pile to make putting away quicker and more efficient. (My mom use to use the couch, bed, or a table to fold and sort onto, she would then pile the piles into the basket by person and room and distribute them on our beds for us to put away).

Away from home one load a day schedule:

If you go out to work you can try throwing in a wash load before going to bed at night and tossing them in the dryer before leaving for work. As soon as you walk in the door, get them out of the dryer and fold while you’re checking your phone messages or email. Put away before retiring for the night.

  • Where is your washer/dryer located?
  • Where does everyone put his or her dirty clothes?
  • Where do you like to or would like to fold clothes? 
=>Your washer and dryer might not be located in a convenient place, such as the basement. More and more builders are starting to place these machines in hallways, kitchens, and even bathrooms. If you have the funds and space, you might look into relocating your machines.

=>Install a laundry chute in the bathroom closet or area that is convenient for everyone to use. If that isn’t possible, designate a place for everyone in the home to put his or her dirty clothes.

Note: Before purchasing a laundry chute please check with your county and state building codes regarding regulations.

Need a Laundry Chute?

Make and Install a Laundry Chute

=>Find a place in the home where you are comfortable and have plenty of room to spread out and sort/fold clean clothes.
  • Why are you responsible for everyone clothes?

You are the only one that can answer this one<g>.

  • How often do you want to do laundry?
=>Decide if you want (I know, no one wants to do laundry) to do laundry daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Then ask if you need to or are you able to.
=>How many articles of clothing does each family member REALLY need per week, season, and special occasion?
=>This is the time to be REALLY HONEST with yourself and will depend on your answer to # 11. How many articles of play, casual, dressy, work, holiday, seasonal, and special occasion outfits does each family member need? If they have too many, you will never stay ahead of the dirty clothes.
=>Recycle, sell, or donate clothes that aren’t being used or that you have an abundance of.
=>If you or your family are putting on and taking something off (and throwing it in the dirty clothes) because it doesn’t fit right, look right, or you/they don’t really like it…get RID of it!

Laundry Tips:

  • Always try and wash a full load.
  • Wash hand towels and smaller items of same color range with large articles, such as sheets and table cloths.
  • Make sure you and others know how to use the proper cycles on machines to minimize wrinkling.
  • Put a clothes rack by the dryer and hang clothes as they come out; put away by person/room.
  • If you can’t hear the buzzers on the machines or tend to lose track of time, set a timer for the length of the cycle and keep near you.
  • Clothes that need ironing should be washed first so you can iron while the other loads are being done.
  • Wash delicate, underclothes, and hand washables while taking a shower.

Please remember that anything you try you MUST give it a chance to work, at least a month. If you find something not working, try another schedule or approach for another month until your clothes stop multiplying.

I hope some of these tips and hints will STOP the major reproductive system of your laundry. Good Luck!

Janet L. Hall is a Professional Organizer - Certified, Speaker, and Author and owner of OverHall Consulting. She has developed “The 5 W’s of Organizing, a TEASER, and a “TICKLE””. Subscribe to her newsletter at   To find out more about her services and products, please visit her web site at

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information about contacting the author is attached.

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