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Today I Focus On What I Want

 Excerpted with permission from "Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt"

By Janet Hall and Paula Langguth Ryan

"Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve."
-- Wilferd A. Peterson

When was the last time you sat down and truly decided what you wanted? Most of us spend hours talking and thinking and complaining about what we donít want in our lives. Was there anything as a child that you were so committed to that you would do anything to accomplish your goal? In the movie Men of Honor, Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays the son of a Kentucky sharecropper. He was committed to becoming a navy man, and entered the Navy the first year of desegregation. He soon discovered that what he truly wanted was to become a Navy Diver and that he wanted to achieve the highest rank an enlisted man could achieve: Master Specialist. He faced formidable obstacles, but kept focused on what he wanted. He didnít let himself become distracted by the things in his life that he didnít want.

Most of us go through the day, and our life, with a lack of focus. We donít plan our day. We jump from one thing to another,
without completing what needs to be finished, or what has to be finished, only to discover at the end of the day that we actually accomplished very little Ė and havenít met any of our goals or deadlines. Most people complain that they donít have enough time. The truth is that we all have the same amount of time given to us every day. Author Robin Pierce says that ďthereís no such thing as a lack of time, only a lack of focus.Ē

How are you spending your time? What do you focus on? What you focus on is what you receive in your life. Are you focusing on what you want or what you donít want? Do you even know what you truly want? If not, then todayís the day to focus on finding out what you want.

Take your clutter and debt, for example. If you continue to focus on the piles of bills and the piles of clutter, but donít take any action toward seeing them paid off and put away, you will continue to be in debt and youíll continue to be disorganized. Make a decision today about what you want to do with all your stuff and how you want to handle all your bills.

Today, envision the outcome of having what you want, before you even get started. Focus on what you truly want. What will
having what you want feel like? What will it look like? What is the next step you need to take toward your goal? Ignore the obstacle and keep moving forward toward your goal and before you know it, the obstacle will have disappeared. Youíll have spent no effort toward removing it, yet it will have moved; and you will have moved forward toward creating the life you truly want.

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Janet Hall, The Person/Place Energy Mover is a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Healer and can help you regain control of your life, your time, your stuff, your health, and your environment. Get her FREE newsletter at

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