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Eight Commitments for Starting a New Year

1. Take the time (SCHEDULE IT!) in the upcoming week to make some goal-resolves for yourself. Remember that if you keep doing the same things you did last year, you'll get the same results. If you really want to change something you MUST be willing to try new things and let go of the old way of doing things.

2. Make deals with yourself, such as "I will not watch my favorite television program until the mail is sorted and put away," or "I will not go to Happy Hour until my desk is cleared off and all files are put back where they belong."

3. What will your attitude and perception be this coming year? Tasks that you dread doing might SEEM like they'll take all day, BUT usually, in reality, the task might take a few minutes if you look at the task as a small bump in the road instead of a mountain to climb. It's all in your attitude and perception. Work towards a positive attitude everyday and break your "mountains" down into smaller "bumps" and time yourself on how long a task REALLY takes.

4. RIGHT NOW, get out your new 2008 calendar and make a commitment for one hour a week to work on a cluttered area in your life. KEEP this appointment as if your life depended on it, as if you had to go to the hospital to get kidney dialysis to stay alive!

5. Invest in yourself by making "ME" appointments with yourself for a special treat, and KEEP them! This could be as simple as a monthly visit to a local spa to get pampered, a soak in a bubble bath, a day out fishing or golfing, attending a local community program, or a walk at sunrise or sunset. ANYTHING that feeds you, nourishes you, and brings you joy.

6. Decide what is more important to you: out drinking with friends OR creating the life you only dream about, "Some day…."; Being a couch potato OR getting up, moving, and taking action towards your dreams, wants, and desires; Running around with head cut off like a chicken OR begin to plan and take control of how your day will unfold.

7. Be VERY discriminatory about what gets brought into your home, office, and life. Learn to say "No Thank You" AND "I really don't need that" to yourself and others

8. Plan a week or month by using our NEW FREE easy to use 3 W's To-Do Sheets - get yours NOW by clicking HERE 

Won't you join me and thousands of others from around the world in making and KEEPING these commitments?

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