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Top Ten Organizing and Time
Challenges People Face
Part 6

By: Janet L. Hall

1. Paper. Includes mail, reading material and files
2. Bedroom. Includes laundry, clothes, drawers and closets
3. Children. Includes their schedules and their bedroom and toys
4. Shopping. Includes food, gifts and cards
5. Kitchen. Includes organizing, meal planning and cooking
6. Spending time with family, children, friends and self
7. Appointments. Includes medical, school, parties and events
8. Tools
9. Car
10. Maintaining home systems and cleaning

Today we'll be addressing the number six challenge, time:

Time: never seems to be enough does there?

Let's take an honest look at your life and where you are spending your time.

Create a pie chart by drawing a circle, draw a big circle. Now plot out the different areas of your life and draw a "slice" in your pie chart for each, such as self, family, friends, children, vocation, hobbies, fitness, spiritual growth, computer, reading, TV, phone, visiting, shopping, etc. Each "slice" should honestly represent the time you spend on each. For instance half your pie might be for your vocation or children, a quarter slice might be for your friends, etc. You can make one for a day, week or month.

Now take a good look at your pie chart. Are your "slices" balanced? Probably not.

What does your pie chart say to you as far as where all your time is being consumed and with whom or on what?

What areas do you need to work on - need to change - to gain better balance of your time? Do you see areas that you might be devoting too much time to and other areas you might be neglecting? What's standing in your way from changing?

Time Robbers

  • How much time are you wasting watching TV?
  • How much time are you wasting on the computer?
  • How much time are you wasting talking on the phone?
  • How much time are you wasting visiting the neighbors?

If you reduce just one of the above by one hour per day, in one week you gain 7 hours. In one month you gain 30 hours. In one year you gain two weeks. And if you reduce all four of the above by one hour per day you gain back 4 hours a day, 28 hours (one day and four hours) a week, and 112 hours (4 and a half days) a month.

Whom or what are your time robbers?

What would you rather be doing with those hours? Hopefully spending some quality time with yourself, family, children or friends.

What areas of your life are spinning out of control or out of control perhaps because you don't have routines or schedules in place? Yes I know, sounds like the military, having to have, create and abide by routines and schedules. Yet honestly folks, if you can create some routines and schedules you will find your life running more smoothly and you might even have more energy, especially if you add 'me' time.

Are you spending time with yourself? Taking care of yourself? I know, I've heard it all, "I need to do this and that." "I should be doing this or that." "I have to do this or that." "There are not enough hours in the day for 'me' time."

Let me ask you this: If you're not taking time for yourself and taking care of your needs and wants, who will?

If you're not spending time on yourself you will eventually burnout or worse, lose your own individuality. Maybe this has already happened to you. I hope not.

We all need 'me' time, alone time. Even if it's a few minutes to an hour a day or week. A soak in the tub, a walk around the block, sitting outside, daydreaming by the window, taking a class, what ever it is you are missing or yearning for, stop and look at your schedule and make a date with yourself this month for some 'me' time.

Finding a balance of spending time for yourself, family, friends and children isn't difficult if you plan, set boundaries and follow through.


When is the best day and time for you to have some 'me' time? I discovered Sunday early evenings was the best day and time to soak in a bubble bath, my favorite 'me' time.

Setting Boundaries

It's okay to set boundaries. Are you? Or do you say yes to everyone and everything except yourself?

Saturday and Sunday is generally my family time. The days I spend with my husband, children and grandchildren. I generally do not turn on my computer on Sundays, unless nothing is planned or the weather is bad and then I might 'plug in'. And I generally won't answer my business phone on Sundays. I've set my boundaries, yet sometimes flexible, and it does take practice because you are developing new habits, same with planning.

Follow Through

This can sometimes be difficult, especially if it's 'me' time and if others want or need your attention. Put your times on your calendar, as you would any other important appointment and keep your appointments.

Keep your pie chart in a notebook and do a new one every month to help assist you in tracking where you're spending your time, what you need to adjust and watch your pie chart and life become more balanced throughout the coming months. You'll
know you've achieved the balance you're looking for once your "slices" are more evenly distributed.

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