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1st Ingredient: Heal Your Body

The first ingredient to living a richer and simpler life is your health. Your health is very important and essential to do before moving on to the other five ingredients. Good health and balanced and positive energy are essential to experiencing your life fully! I know first hand, and not just from my client's, I've experienced this myself. You can read more of my story here later if you want. Are you ready to give 100% of yourself to yourself, your family, or your career?

Whether you are a 'do-it-yourselfer', need help getting it accomplished in-person or via phone coaching, or just need a good article or two to read then welcome! If you don't find what you are looking for or you're ready to have a healthier body and mind that will support you in your life then call me at 410-586-9440 or email me for help.

Some of these modalities might be new to you - all I ask is that you have an open mind because I know the items listed below CAN help you. I've done them all, studied them all (I also teach them and offer the services of them), many of my client's have done them and thousands of people from around the world have benefited from many of these 'healing modalities'.

Everything You Need to Create a Richer and
Healthier Life Is Now Within Your Reach

And Remember ... All Healing is Self Healing!


Decide Today: Say YES to Change and Get Moving!

Dump Your Brain Clutter

Environmental Lighting Changes and Your Health

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Cary Craig, Creator of EFT
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); aka Tapping

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Me (Janet Hall) doing a Reiki Healing Session


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Reiki Level I and II Training - Certificate

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Chakra Balancing

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Meridian Balancing

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Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Diet & Nutrition

Decide Today: Say YES to Change and Get Moving!

Healthy Questions to Help Make you Healthy - Article

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Stop Your Cravings - Lose Your Weight ... Simply - CD or MP3

Take Shape for Life Health Coaching
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Herb Article

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2nd Ingredient:
Live in the Now

Ready to move on to
the next ingredient in

Say YES to Life!

Then Let's Go ...

If you want some in-person help or phone
coaching please call me at 410-586-9440.


2nd Ingredient:
Live in the Now

3rd Ingredient:
Change Your Beliefs

4th Ingredient:
Dream Your Dreams

5th Ingredient: Heal Your Spaces

6th Ingredient:
Live on Purpose

Say YES to Life! Individual Coaching Programs

Are you tired of just going through the motions of life and ready to REALLY live and experience your life fully

Then Let's Get Started!


Say YES to Life! Group Coaching Programs

Are you tired of just going through the motions of life and ready to REALLY live and experience your life fully

Then Let's Get Started!


Take Shape for Life (TSFL) provides a comprehensive, healthy diet, medically based program, featuring satisfying, great tasting Medifast Meals, that brings long-term weight-loss results.

This is the program I lost 45 lbs. on and now I've become a health coach for Take Shape for Life and I'll help you lose too as your coach - free - to you when you sign up under my site.

Amazon Herbs have the finest natural vitamins, including the famous Zamu drink, some fabulous health solutions, and nutritional products that will give you the power to improve your health and vitality. Read more about the products on my site.

Young Living Oils provide high grade, natural therapeutic essential oils that deliver positive benefits to the body through smell, direct absorption into the skin, and by normal digestive processes. Calming, stimulating, soothing, Young Living's essential oils bring balance to all systems of the body. Plus they offer supplements, hygiene, and skin care products that are out of this world! Read more about all these fabulous products on my site.

Time Management Skills

Finding time to do the things you want to do, getting healthier, dream or play, getting organized or designing your environment, inside and out, will require you to take a good look at where and how you are currently spending your time.

If you'll looking for new time skills, awareness and help and you're ready to Say YES to Life!  .... then here we go ...


Janet L. Hall
P.O. Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
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