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Clean and Organize Your Computer 

When was the last time you deleted a document or Email off your computer?

Do you ever go through your folders and files to see if you really need all those documents or are even using them?

Schedule a date and time to go through your files and delete any you are NEVER going to use or refer to again.

If this "OverHall" is going to take many hours that you might not have time for, then try to schedule to do a folder a day or week until you have everything deleted that is old, outdated, and unused.

If you work for someone, first see if they have a document retention policy in place. If they don't have a policy; suggest they develop one.

If you own your own business or just use your computer for personal matters then YOU need to determine how long a document is kept.

If you are unsure due to legalities or accounting reasons, please seek the advice of an attorney or accountant before you start deleting your documents.

I personally recommend that if you haven't used a document (printed, edited, copied, or sent) in the last six months that it is probably safe to delete it. Again, if unsure, ask someone.

If you still don't want to delete but DON'T need it on your computers hard drive taking up space that you might really need check the June 2000 issue when I'll write about "T is for Transfer".

To check how much Free Space is on your Hard Drive:

  • Double Click My Computer

  • Place Pointer on [C:]

  • Right Click on [c:]

  • Click Properties

  • Click General


Okay, how can you check to see how old a document is?

I will explain the process for those of you that use Microsoft. To those of you that use other systems please refer to your manual or look (click) around using similar steps or wording to see if these steps work for you.

  • Click Start (Usually located on the left bottom of your screen)

  • Place Pointer on Programs

  • Place Pointer on Windows Explorer and Click

You have now entered into your electronic file cabinet. Here you can "see" every document, file, and program that is on your computer.

Your screen will show one of two things:

A simple list of all your folders and documents
A detailed list that includes not only the name but the size, type, and date and time.

  • *************If you do not see the detailed list*****************
    Locate the VIEWS button in your toolbar near the top right of your screen

  • Locate the little down arrow button next to VIEWS

  • Click on the little down arrow and a drop down menu will appear

  • Click on the Details option


We'll going to be looking at MY Documents Folder... not really mine but yours:-)

Double Click on My Documents

You will be presented with a list of all the folders you have created in My Documents and any documents or files you have saved under My Documents.

Notice the date and time under Modified. Now here is where the date can fool you. If you backup your folders and files (You do do backups don't you? I'll be writing about that in March) or have opened the folder or file or did something with the document, it WILL NOT have the created date.

To find out the creation date:

  • Click on the document you want to check on

  • Click on File in the toolbar, usually located at the top left of your screen

  • Locate Properties on the drop down menu

  • Click on Properties

  • Click on General or Statistics

  • Locate the creation date

  • Click OK

Now decide if you need to delete the document or keep it. If you want to delete the document press the Delete key on your keyboard and follow the on screen instructions.

*******************Please Remember*********************
OPEN a folder to see all the documents you might have
stored there before deleting a folder!

You are now on your way to D-Busting Your Computer!

How -To Get Your Computer
Clean and Organized

Learn more about how to clean up your computer using the step-by-step instructions, with screen shots in our electronic book, Clean and Organize Your Computer:

  • How-to check how much FREE space is on your hard drive
  • View all your folders and documents at the same time!
  • Get a detailed list of the time, date, and size of your documents
  • How-to safely delete your documents
  • Top 10 Reasons for performing a backup and discover how to perform a backup (It's really quite simple)
  • 7 things that can cause your computer to crash
  • Top 2 ways to locate and properly uninstall, safely, those programs you never use (You just can't delete them)
  • 5 questions to ask yourself BEFORE saving a document
  • How-to save your documents to a different media
  • How to set up your auto save
  • How-to create a new folder
  • Steps for saving new email
  • How-to save attachments from your email
  • Create new folders in your "favorites" on the Internet
  • How-to move your "favorites" into your folders
  • How to access and use Microsoft Office Templates
  • Making the time to maintain your computer
  • And Much Much More!

Download it now to get started on cleaning up your computer!  Ebook Instructions for Microsoft Users. This is for an older version however many of the concepts and click along's are still the same.


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