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The Wizard's Home Organizing
Audio CD Teleclass Series:

Wiz Through Your Clutter

  • If you want to learn how to organize your home and life...

  • If you are committed to changing your life and  environment...

  • If you want to acquire the skills needed to run  a home...

  • If you are tired of the chaos and clutter...

  • If you are wanting to get organized "one of these days"...

NINE EXCITING audio CD's with guest experts and Veteran Professional Organizer, Janet Hall, The Organizing and
Feng Shui Wizard, to help you FINALLY organize your home and life!

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
How-To Overcome Excuses, Challenges, 
and Hurdles so YOU Can Take Control 
of YOUR Life!
With Special Guest, Rick Butts.

Rick Butts, author of The Big Butts of Life - Get Off Your Excuses and Do Big Things! will help you overcome the challenge of staying sane. 

In every economy there are people struggling and there are people doing extraordinarily  well...the difference is you -  your skills - your knowledge and THE VOICES YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO!

In this session Rick and Janet will show you how to take charge of your life and get big results in tough times.

Learn how the choices you make in life can give you control over the things you canítí control.
Let Janet and Rick teach you how your choices make all the difference in your personal and financial gains.
You will learn how to take control over your life and your clutter so that they are not in control over you.
In taking the steps in this tape you will begin to feel less out of control or stressed out and bring more happiness into your life.
Learn what your attitude has to do with the way your environment evolves around you and how to change it for the better.
Janet and Rick will help you reach your full potential in life and business by showing you how your choices and your attitude have an effect on everything around you.

Join Rick and me for a truly funny, one-of-a-kind unique look at the simple but powerful methods heís used to do big things - so you can too!
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Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Paper-Part 1  
With Special Guest, Abby Marks-Beale.

Abby Marks-Beale, author of  10 Days to Faster Reading, will help you manage your paper load, read, learn and do more in less time. 

If  you are overwhelmed with the amount of material you have to read and are frustrated because your "to read" stack never seems to get smaller, then this informative session will provide you with easily applicable approaches in how to read and learn from all types of reading materials.

You Will Learn:

Trade secrets to faster more productive reading.
How to become a more efficient and enthusiastic reader.
How to speed up the process of learning by speeding up your reading time.
Find out if youíre a talking reader, a thinking reader, or a combination of both and what that means for you.
What does your attitude say about the way you approach your reading material? Whether itís for business or for more personal reasons, Abby will help you discover a whole new way of looking at reading.
About rules and filters and how to manage your e-mail account for efficiently.
The 5 reasons why you are having so much trouble keeping up
The 8 myths about reading
Your baseline reading speed and what it means
How to create a reading pile that is more quality (instead of quantity)
How to find the most important information quickly
How to streamline your reading pile/folder
How to decide what to not read

Some Benefits You Will Gain:

Smaller Reading Piles
Quality Reading
Time to Read

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Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Paper Part 2
With Special Guest, Professional Organizer Shirley Green


What household papers you NEED to keep
Where and How your papers and documents should be filed
How and Why to use a tickler file
File or Toss to make filing a breeze
Why you need a safety deposit box
What you should store in your safety deposit box
How to create your own WHO, WHEN, and WHERE Home Management book
The Medical Pink Sheet Ė WHO and WHY you should have one

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Audio CD 

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Your Bedroom

Professional Organizer, Janet Hall will discuss the importance of getting and keeping your bedroom organized.

Some Things You Will Learn and How YOU will Benefit:

Learn the impact of what the state of bedroom means for your stress level and how getting it organized can change your life.
Janet will teach you a no nonsense, take charge kind of attitude towards your clutter and help you decide what to do about it.
Learn valuable techniques on how to dramatically change how you feel about the space in your bedroom.
From closets and drawers to under the bed, using Janetís 5Wís, a teaser, and a tickle, you can transform your bedroom into what you always wanted it to be.
This tape is packed full of tips and secrets that only a professional organizer could know.
How to store and organize bedding Ė never lose a pillowcase again!
Arrange your closet to work for you Ė so you can find what you want to wear
How and Where to recycle your clothes and accessories
How much laundry and how often do you want to do?
Cut down on the piles of laundry, folding, and putting away
How to sort through your bed reading pile so you donít slip and slide on your books and magazines

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Audio CD  

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Your Bathroom

Professional Organizer, Janet Hall will discuss the importance of getting and keeping your bathroom organized for a optimum safety and comfort.

Three methods to store your towels so they arenít in a heap on the floor
How and Where to display or store bath toys and gadgets, and your ooh-la-laís
Storing and arranging your medicines properly so everyone is safe

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Audio CD 

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Your Kitchen

Veteran Organizer Janet Hall will guide you through getting the control you need in your place of nourishment.

Organizing your pots, pans, plastics, and lids so you can find and use them when needed
Plates, glasses, and cups Ė Where and How to stack them up
Learn secret places to store seldom used appliances
Taking stock of your pantry so you can save money
Find food fast when youíre REALLY hungry
Creating and using a grocery list so you donít run out of an item

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Audio Tape 

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Getting Your Children Organized

Parents are the TRUE teachers for their children and Professional Organizer, Janet Hall will help you create organizing and time systems to teach your children that will last them a life time.  Janet is a mother of two children and nana to four children.

Teach Your Children by Learning:

To Take Toy Inventory and what to do with the overflow
How to create a closet and clothes system that your 
children can USE
What to do with all the book bags, homework, and 
How to teach your children REAL time management 
habits that will stay with them for a lifetime
How to create a school and chore board

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Audio CD

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Managing Your Garage and Other Storage Areas
Garage Organizing Expert Bill West and author of Your
Garagenous Zone
joins us tonight with some fabulous 
storage tips and product suggestions.

Discover your objectives of garage organizing
How much is the stuff in your garage costing you?
How to empty and organize your "private landfill" and make it a useable space
Hang it, Shelf it, Contain it Ė Learn what organizing and storage products can free up valuable space

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Audio CD 

Wiz Through Your Clutter:
Making Time Work For You
Special Guest, Time Management GURU, Harold Taylor
and author of fourteen books has been speaking, writing, 
and conducting training programs on effective time 
management for over 25 years. He knows what works 
and what doesn't!

A Little Peek of What Harold will Teach You:

Discover how to cope with your information explosion
How to take advantage of technology
Juggling your priorities, we all do it or TRY to do it

Listen to a Clip
Buy the Time
Audio CD 

If you have been walking around your home, mumbling, "One of these days I'm going to get organized." Well, now is the time and it's coming to you at an affordable cost. 

Where else can you hear and learn from experts at a cost to you for 
about 4 and a quarter cents a day per tape? Aren't you and your family (and your sanity) worth at least that? 

BUY THEM ALL (You'll save) Audio CD's 

Make the commitment TODAY to FINALLY get organized!

Reduce Your Stress
Gain Time
Balance Your Life

We have a SECURE Credit card server in which you can purchase your CD's or if you prefer you can call us at 800-687-3040 to place your order.




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