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Sorting and Organizing Your Home
Paper Piles and Files
 Email Course

  • Do you have piles and stacks of papers, notes, phone messages, school papers, mail, and documents printed out from your computer scattered and piled up on your countertops, kitchen table, chairs, desks, floors, and other surfaces?

  • Are your file drawers so full you can't open or close them?

  • Do you have boxes and bags of paper popping at the seams and spilling out onto the floor?

If you answered yes to any of the above I know you
feel things are out of control and you feel overwhelmed, right?

  • Would you like to be able to sit down at your dining room table without looking at all those paper piles?

  • How would it feel to be able to sit in a chair without moving your paper piles around?

  • What would it be like to sit down at your desk and be able to actually get some work accomplished without all your piles begging for your attention?

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually be able to use your countertops for food preparation instead of storage for your mail and 'important' paper work?

Then let's get started!

I can help make all this happen for you with my 35 day email course, Sorting and Organizing Your Home Paper Piles and Files.

Once enrolled you will receive assignments for the next 35 days via email, with step by step instructions to guide you in sorting and organizing your home paper piles and files. All you'll need to do is print out the email lessons, and take the actions described to put an end to your paper piles and swelling files.

Sorting and Organizing Your Home Paper Piles and Files email course will guide you through my revolutionary sorting and storing process, The 5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER, and a Tickle. I developed this process in 1996 and it has been used by thousands of clients and it's the same process I use if I were working with you in your home. Simple to use and very effective!

And the bonus is this process can be used to sort through any other clutter you might have, whether it's bedroom clutter, kitchen or bath clutter, and even garage and attic clutter.

Clients pay me hundreds and thousands of dollars for this training and to have me present my system; HOWEVER for a one time fee of $29.97 you can finally be on your way to becoming paper clutter free. And you can be proud and say you did it yourself!

Here's how the email course works:

Each day, for four days after you sign up, you will automatically receive an email from me. After that you will receive an email from me every four days.

Each day will have a new lesson with step by step instructions to guide you, tips, and ideas to assist you in your sorting and organizing process. There are a total of eleven lessons.

In each lesson we will have listed the following:

  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: When applicable you will find special notes or information that I want to pass onto you. Not all lessons contain this.

  • ESTIMATED TIME-Not knowing your personal situation and/or lifestyle I can only estimate how long each lesson might take you. Some lessons could take you longer then I estimated.

  • SUPPLIES NEEDED: Here you will discover recommended supplies to have on hand when doing a particular lesson.

  • ACTIONS TO TAKE: Here you will find the step-by-step actions you will need to take to work through and complete that day's lesson.

  • TODAY'S TIP: If applicable I will present you with a tip or product that will help you with your lesson for the day or to help you maintain your home papers and files.

  • REWARD: Each lesson will have a suggested reward for you to collect for the accomplishments you make in each lesson.

What to expect and when your lessons will arrive in your inbox:

Day 1: You'll learn what home paper work you REALLY need to keep and store.

Day 2: Getting prepared to start sorting your piles.

Day 3: The sorting starts!

Day 7: Taking action on your Act On, End, and Refer It piles.

Day 11: Taking action on your Enter It pile.

Day 15: Working on your Reading pile.

Day 19: Your files-taking inventory, combining, tossing, and sorting.

Day 23: Working on your Historical files and paper.

Day 27: Working on your Reference files and paper.

Day 31: Working on your Current files and paper.

Day 35: How to maintain your incoming paper and your files.

Just think, in a little over a months time you can say:

Click HERE to get started NOW for only $29.97

That's about .85 cents a day for 35 days to FINALLY have:

  • Peace of Mind

  • Less Clutter

  • More Space

  • Less Chaos

  • Knowledge of  Where ALL Your Important Papers Are Located

  • And Learn How-To Maintain Your Paper and Filing Systems

If you've got paper piles
you'd be CRAZY to pass up this course!

Let me work my 'magic' with you by starting TODAY by clicking HERE

Janet L. Hall
P.O. Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
Email Janet
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