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Piles, Files, Lists - OH NO!

  • Do you have piles on your desk, kitchen table, chairs, and floor?

  • Do you have sticky notes and small pieces of paper everywhere?

  • Do you say to yourself, "Now, where did I put that?"

  • Do you keep ever piece of paper or file "forever" because you don't know how long you should keep it?

"The promise of the 'paperless office,' (and home) where documents are entirely created, distributed, read, and stored on computers, has been about as reliable as the promise of a check in the mail."
--Walter S. Mossberg; The Wall Street Journal; July 15, 1993

Don’t know what to do with all of those piles building up, worried that you’ll throw away the wrong thing and keep the things you don’t need? Janet can help. With her Live Teleseminar tape of ‘Piles, Files, Lists…..OH NO!!!’, you’ll get help in all aspects of organizing your desk and keeping it that way. Find out today how to de-clutter your work space.

You WILL have paper and files until the day you die!  It's a fact, a part of life that will NEVER go away!  It's how you handle all that paper that will make your life a little easier and help you to become more efficient and productive!

Did you know:

  • 80% of filed papers are NEVER again referenced!

  • The average office spends $20 in labor filing or retrieving a document!

  • The average office spends $120 in labor to find a misfiled document!

  • The average office spends $250 recreating a lost document!

(Source: Coopers & Lybrand and USA Weekend Poll)

How much MONEY, TIME, and SPACE
are you losing because of your PILES and FILES?

This class or CD is for you:

  • If you are tired of searching for documents in piles

  • Your file cabinets are so stuffed you can't even open them

  • You don't remember the last time you saw the bottom of your In Box

  • You can't eat at your dining room table


Here's a Peek at some of the things you will learn:

  • Janet’s revolutionary way of getting organized and staying that way.
  • Discover Janet's 5 easy step program of organizing your desk at home or at work using the 5 W’s of Organizing.
  • Let Janet teach you the TEASER and how to make it work for you.
  • Valuable time saving techniques to make your life less hectic and feel more in control.
  • Exactly what documents are needed and what you can safely throw away.

Listen to a Clip

Using our secure server, you can order and charge the audio CD using your VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover, or AMERICAN EXPRESS and PayPal.  Click Here to order.

Special Report-5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER, and a "TICKLE" 
Valued at $37


You can call 800-687-3040 and leave your credit card number, expiration date, name, address, and phone number over our secure phone line.  Please remember to indicate which tape you are ordering.

Order your teleclass CD here. Piles, Files, Lists--OH NO!

Call or email us if you would like us to present this class

Janet L. Hall
P.O. Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
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