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The secret organizing tool that ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have at their fingertips is now available to YOU!

Would you like to reliably follow-up on every phone call so you never miss an important opportunity or event? Would you like to always remember to pass along information when you see people? Never waste time sorting through piles or stacks trying to find an important piece of paper you need?

Every day, your home and office get bombarded with papers, notes, phone messages, flyers, coupons, mail and all the other "stuff" you HAVE to know about. At the end of every week, your refrigerator, your bulletin board and your desktop look like paper quilts.

Successful people everywhere have discovered the most efficient way to put all these papers "out of sight" but NOT out of mind. Successful people have harnessed the immense power of the secret organizing tool that helps them "jog" their memory and keep track of important information—so they are always making the most of their time. And you can too!

Put this secret weapon of clutter control and time management to work for you!

In fact, I feel so strongly about the power this tool has to help you take back control of your life that I’m going to show you exactly how to put this secret weapon of clutter control and time management to work for yourself. But first, I want you to make yourself these promises, today:

  • No more piles or stacks of paper cluttering your desk or floor!
  • No more lost call backs, airline tickets, concert or theater tickets or missed deadlines!
  • No more overflowing In/Out baskets!
  • No more expired special offers or coupons!
  • No more beating up yourself for forgetting to bring something important to a meeting or get-together!

These aren’t just empty promises. I guarantee you that once you begin to put this secret weapon to use in your life, you will find yourself easily—and effortlessly—keeping these promises to yourself.

A TICKLE a Day does more than make you laugh —
it gives you more time, more money, more space, and a more stress-free life!

Successful people everywhere know that only one thing separates them from people who want to be successful but can’t seem to stay on top of all the paperwork they handle every day. The secret organizing tool that successful people everywhere have discovered: An effective TICKLER system.

A TICKLER system is a dated filing system that eliminates the piles, files and lists that clutter up your life. The system consists of 43 folders: one for each month, labeled January-December and one for each day of the month, labeled 1-31.

This action-dated system will "tickle" you to remember important phone calls you need to make, letters you need to send, gifts or cards you need to buy, information you need to respond to, pass along or take action on. This is where you would file such things as:

  • Dated follow-up phone calls (for those folks who are out of the office until a certain date, or are getting you information that you need on deadline or who want you to get back to them to close an important deal!),
  • Airline tickets (and your passport!),
  • Vacation plans (including all the contact information for your trip!),
  • Meeting information (agendas, items to bring, important information for other people!)
  • Bills (so you stop being charged late fees, or missing out on sales!)

You can easily set up your own tickler system. All you really need to do is buy a box of folders, label them accordingly, and put them where you’ll find them. There’s a big drawback to this system, however: It’s far too easy to pull out single folders and stack them on your desk into new piles—they’re just more organized piles than your old ones!

The Hard-to-Find Tickler System that Successful People Everywhere Use to Get Ahead—in All Areas of Their Lives

More successful people use the hard-to-find Letter-Sized, Indexed Filing System, manufactured by Globe-Weis®, than any other tickler system I know of. Thanks to a special arrangement with the manufacturer, OverHall Consulting has obtained a steady supply of this unique but hard to obtain system!

This open-ended accordion-style filing system keeps all your folders together, saving you time, energy and space. Stand your TICKLER system up in a desktop holder or place it in a hanging folder in your file drawer. And this TICKLER has reinforced tabs and heavyweight pages that withstand constant daily use. Plus a poly-coated cover, that protects against spills that could damage important documents.

Use your TICKLER system for notes to yourself for:

  • Items you want to stop receiving. Stop unwanted e-mail, "snail" mail or stuff from other people. Use it to cancel subscriptions you never read and to remove yourself from e-mail lists.
  • Items you need to take action on. Schedule important meetings, register for seminars in time to get early-bird pricing, make follow-up phone calls, schedule doctor appointments, take advantage of seasonal sales.
  • Items you’ll need on a specific date. Meeting agendas, registration information, plane tickets…the list is endless!

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