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"If something should ever happen to me, I’m afraid my family won’t know who to call—or where anything is!"

I hear fearful sentiments, like the one above, every time I meet with or talk to a new client who’s looking to get their home more organized. You may have said it yourself:

  • "When I moved, I wasted hours hunting for the contact names and numbers to switch over everything from the newspaper to the telephones."
  • "I’m always paying more to have my air conditioning and heating systems serviced because I wait until the weather changes before taking the time to look up their numbers and call them. I wish I had a way to remind myself to do these things a month in advance. I’d save a ton of money if I did!
  • "When my grandmother suddenly fell and wound up in a nursing home, my mom had no idea where her important papers were, where she kept her checkbook, or even who she called to come mow her lawn!"

You can quickly and easily avoid wasting time and energy searching for the numbers to reach the cable guy, insurance agent or mortgage company.

You can effortlessly save several hundred dollars a month simply by timing your home maintenance better.

You—or your loved ones—can instantly find every important paper you need, should you ever have an accident or unexpected change in circumstances. You just need one central place to put all this information at your fingertips!

Organizing Tip: Create a notebook for yourself with three tabs. Mark the three sections: WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

In the WHO section, make a list of service companies that you call and do business with. Include the cable guy, your insurance agents (for all types of insurance), your mortgage company, the pool man, plumber, chimney sweep, you name it. Next to each company, write down their phone number and your account number.

In the WHEN section, create a list for each month and record the dates that you had—or want to have—services performed at your house. Include dates for getting your animals vaccinated, having your chimney cleaned, having your oil changed, and so on.

In the WHERE section, make a list of all your important documents, such as your bank records, insurance policies and wills. Include information about where you filed the documents.

Some organizers think I’m crazy for walking you through how to create your very own WHO, WHEN and WHERE booklet. But I believe that it’s just as important for me to help empower you to take charge of the clutter in your life as it is for me to make money helping you take charge of the clutter in your life.

Sure, you can make your own notebook if you want. You can take the time to alphabetize your list of WHO’s again and again as you add new contacts. 

You can wrack your brain trying to make sure your WHEN section includes every maintenance item you can think of. You can spend months adding different important documents to your WHERE section, as you think of them.

Or you can super-charge your organizing process—and give yourself peace of mind now—by ordering my best-selling "Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management E-Booklet." Each section in this handy booklet includes helpful tips that are designed specifically to show you:

  • Who to include on your WHO list—and who not to include.
  • The best time of year to get a variety of common services performed so you save time and money.
  • How and where to file your important home and personal documents.

Whether you own your home or rent; are in a relationship or not; are young or old: the "Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE  Home Management Booklet" will save you and your loved ones time and energy.

"I travel abroad a lot. Now that I’ve filled out my Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet, I travel with peace of mind. If something ever happens while I’m gone I know that the person I’ve left in charge of my affairs can simply look in the book and find what they need—from the air conditioning repairman to the veterinarian." 
– Paula Langguth Ryan, Prosperity Advisor, Owings Mills, MD

Who Do You Need to Buy
a Gift For This Month?

"The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet" is a wonderful and valuable gift for yourself, your parents, your loved ones, your friends and your business associates.

  • Adults who care for their elderly parents have found that "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet" helped their parents get organized and reduced their anxiety!
  • Realtors and friends of people who’ve recently moved have found "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet" to be an excellent resource to give to new homeowners!
  • Service companies nationwide give "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and 
    WHERE Home Management Booklet" to their clients—new and old alike—as a way of saying "thanks for your business!"

The next time you’re looking for a gift:

  • DON’T buy a tie!
  • DON’T give a calendar!
  • DON’T give a gift certificate!

Give "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet"

Get it RIGHT NOW by ordering it as a downloadable E-BOOK

Order right now and you also get these two valuable bonuses, absolutely FREE:

Bonus #1: "The 5 W’s of Organizing, a TEASER, and a "TICKLE"!"™ This six-page report is crammed full of organizing and sorting techniques that will help you sort through the piles, files and lists that are cluttering up your countertops, drawers and desks. People pay up to $49 in my workshops to learn these organizing and sorting techniques—but they’re yours absolutely FREE, simply by ordering a copy of "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet" today!

Bonus #2: "In Case of Theft or Loss…" Anyone who’s ever lost or had their wallet or purse stolen knows how devastating such a personal invasion can be. The last thing you want to do is waste time and energy trying to find the numbers for canceling your credit card, ordering new insurance cards, checking on getting a new drivers license, etc. This valuable organizing tool puts all these items in once place, at your fingertips, to make your loss at least a little bit less painful.

Electronic-Book Form (delivered RIGHT NOW to Your Computer!) ORDER NOW using our secure credit card server.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover and now PAYPAL.

Companies/Associations: We offer discounts on bulk Paper Copies of our booklet. Call us at 800-687-3040 or 410-586-9440 or e-mail us at  for more details and we will gladly provide pricing for you.

Personalize "The Little Red WHO, WHEN and WHERE Home Management Booklet" with your company’s logo or name. Order in multiples of 100 and your company name or logo will be placed on the back cover, at no extra charge!

Order TODAY and you’ll never again have to worry about WHO do you call, WHEN do you have it done or WHERE did you put it!

E-Book Form (delivered RIGHT NOW to Your Computer!) ORDER NOW using our secure credit card server.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover and now PAYPAL.

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