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Attention Entrepreneurs:
Make a Living and GOOD Money
as a Professional Organizer

The Wizard's Professional Organizers System Can Make it Happen!

Everything you'll need to know to "Jump-Start"
Your Organizing Business!

Don't Laugh! This one-of-a-kind professional organizers system will teach you exactly how to start your organizing business and jump-start the skills and techniques you'll need when working with clients ... AND you can do it in record time! Start TODAY to learn all the tips and tricks the high-income pros use in their thriving business. I use to make $25.00 per hour helping others get organized when I started out in 1996. NOW, today I charge $95.00 per hour PLUS by using the techniques and knowledge in this system. And you can too! Just think what it would mean to you and your family if you grabbed that same kind of success. You can do it and The Wizard's Professional Organizers System will lead the way!

A career as a Professional Organizer
is one of the fastest growing industries TODAY!

For the first time EVER Janet has put together a package for you to get a jump start on others entering this fabulous money making field!

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this jam-packed system:

Starting Your Business:

  • Get the knowledge you'll need of this fascinating business.

  • Discover the business skills you already have and how to use them.

  • Uncover everything you'll need to do to start your organizing business.

  • Personality of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Learn the Pro's and Con's of the 5 different business entities.

  • Answers to your questions if you'll need a business phone, address, checking account, or licenses.

  • 9 things your business card should have and where to even get FREE ones.

  • How to explain to others what you do for a living.

  • 14 PLUS places where you can network and even give a speech (We even supply you with a speech!).

Business Skills You'll Need to Know About  to Run a Successful Professional Organizing Business:

  • How-to figure out your finances and start-up costs.

  • Tax tips and how-to set up your tax files.

  • How-to's for writing contracts, marketing materials, press releases (We EVEN provide samples!).

  • 10 places to find assistance when you have a BIG job.

The WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of Marketing:

  • 7 Steps for creating successful marketing.

  • 20 questions to help you determine  WHO to market to.

  • 11 marketing vehicles to get started

  • 7 MUST haves to include in your marketing materials.

  •  9 statistics to use in your marketing material.

  • Over 50 reasons to send out a press release

  • 9 mistakes you DON'T want to make in your marketing materials.

The Professional Organizing Business:

  • Picking your organizing specialty, over 40 to choose from!

  • 19 questions to determine your qualifications as a professional organizer.

  • 4 hands-on ways to get experience.

  • 7 questions to ask you insurance agent to see if you have enough or the correct insurance coverage.

  • 7 questions to help you determine your fee PLUS a basic formula to aid you.

  • 3 price setting approaches

  • 75 PLUS questions to ask your clients.

  • Discover from the experts how-to write up contracts and needs assessments.

  • 46 PLUS places to get organizing products to sell or use for your clients.

  • 15 reasons a client needs you.

  • Discover the do's and don'ts when preparing for a client.

  • 6 questions to ask when a potential client calls you.

  • 25 things to have in your "toolbox".

  • 26 client types.

  • Expert articles, tips, hints, secrets, and tricks from many of NAPO's veteran organizers that have been through it all!

All About YOUR Office:

  • 7 things to think about BEFORE setting up your office.

  • 18 items you might need for your office.

  • 10 questions to ask before you file or read something (Use these on your clients also!)

  • Time Management for you: office hours, to-do's, and you.

Top Eight Reasons You Should Have This System

8. You will be a much better Professional Organizer.

7. You will receive higher fees.

6. You will receive knowledge and how-to's instantly.

5. You will be infinitely more confident asking for your fee and getting it!

4. You will get more referral business.

3. You will get ideas on creating products.

2. You will get more prestigious clients.

And the number one reason to order this system is:

1. You will make more money, quicker then if you tired to do this all alone!


I'll be your guide every step of the way. You'll learn Janet's revolutionary techniques, The 5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER, and a "TICKLE"© that will assist you in helping your clients quickly and effectively, making you an expert Professional Organizer.


Much, Much, More!


"Your system is thorough and well thought out and I’m sure will make a major difference in the lives of many. Thank you for including me in your information, as I am proud to be associated with you and your work."
--Jamie Dawn Sebens of Working Order

"Yes I got the book, It is wonderful. I still have a way to go but find it very useful, exactly what I was looking for. I love organizing and like you can not believe people do this for a living."
Thank You so much, Judy Maggio

"Janet offers valuable, practical advice in the areas of marketing, legal issues, networking, writing skills, products and public speaking all of which are key elements to having a successful business. Janet saved me from going down the wrong path when spending my advertising dollars and advised me how to focus my time on what was most important to help me get clients. As a result, I have saved time by not reinventing the wheel and saved money by not spending it in areas that wouldn’t benefit me."
--Sincerely, Jeanine Carson, Organization Consultant


Janet, I'm ready to order right now.
Where do I sign? Click here to order

Here's what you'll get:

The Wizards Professional Organizers Manual 
(Print Copy and Readable CD's of 4 of Janet's Books PLUS Instant downloadable How-To Become Organizer to get you started right away)

Secrets of a Professional Organizer and How-To Become One
>>178 Page book that will guide you on your journey to starting and running a business, and becoming a professional organizer.
>>Discover the business skills you'll need  and how to get them
>>Uncover everything you'll need to do to  start-up your organizing business
>>Get the knowledge you'll need of this fascinating business
>>How to set up your office and how you will be your first client
>>How to set you fees
>>Discover from the experts how to write up contracts and needs assessment
>>Learn proven organizing systems and techniques to help you organize your clients
Preparing for your first client
>>Links to all the legal and tax forms you'll need
>>Samples Galore
>>PLUS expert articles, tips, and hints from many of NAPO's  Golden Circle members, veteran  organizers that have been through it all.
>>(See Table of Contents by clicking HERE)

Get Honest About Your Bedroom Clutter and FINALLY Get Organized
>>74 Page book that will has 60 + questions you can ask your clients to help them FINALLY organize their bedroom.
>>7 Magical Permission Slips to help your client LET GO!
>>30 plus Tips of How-To Organize Your Bedroom Stuff
>>13 Reasons Not to Put Something Back Into Your Closet
>>5 REAL Reasons to Put Something In Your Closet
>>3 Space Saving Ideas for Your Bulky Bedroom Items
>>12 Honesty Questions That Will Help You With Your Laundry
>>Never Before Published - 5 W's and a 'D' of Clothes to Help You Make the Decision-To Keep or Not Keep
>>What Should Only Live on Your Nightstand
>>How to Store Your Seasonal Items and Where
>>6 Places to Donate or Recycle Your Items That Others Can Use
>>Plus MUCH MUCH More
(See Table of Contents by clicking HERE)

How-To Get Your Computer Clean and Organized
>>This valuable 50 Page book with step-by-step and screen shots instructions can open another door for your organizing business and help you maintain your computer!
>>How-to check how much FREE space is on your hard drive
View all your folders and documents at the same time!
>>Get a detailed list of the time, date, and size of your documents
>>How-to safely delete your documents
>>Top 10 Reasons for performing a backup and discover how to perform a backup (It's really quite simple)
>>7 things that can cause your computer to crash
>>Top 2 ways to locate and properly uninstall, safely, those programs you never use (You just can't delete them)
>>5 questions to ask yourself BEFORE saving a document
>>How-to save your documents to a different media
>>How to set up your auto save
>>How-to create a new folder
>>Steps for saving new email
>>How-to save attachments from your email
>>Create new folders in your "favorites" on the Internet
>>How-to move your "favorites" into your folders
>>How to access and use Microsoft Office Templates
>>Making the time to maintain your computer
>>And Much Much More!

70 Tips to Get Your Children Organized Before and After School
>>Providing you with proven step-by-step techniques to STOP the morning hassles and rushing around!
>>Suggest organizing school tools that will help you, your child, and teacher KEEP sane!
>>How to use or teach your child how to use a weekly planner, just like the teacher does (NO MATTER HOW OLD YOUR CHILD IS)!
>>Assisting you to help your child use better use of their time.
>>Providing you with a "clutter test" to give your child or take it yourself (works for you too)!


Hear all the organizing and time management tips
and techniques Janet and other experts
talk about on 15 Audio CD's!

Wiz Through Your Clutter: Home Organizing Series
Nine One Hour Teleseminar Audio CD's with Handouts

How-To Overcome Excuses, Challenges, and Hurdles so YOU Can Take Control of YOUR Life! (Special Guest Rick Butts)
>>Learn how the choices you make in life can give you control over the things you can’t control.
>>Let Janet and Rick teach you how your choices make all the difference in your personal and financial gains.
>>You will learn how to take control over your life and your clutter so that they are not in control over you.
>>In taking the steps in this tape you will begin to feel less out of control or stressed out and bring more happiness into your life.
>>Learn what your attitude has to do with the way your environment evolves around you and how to change it for the better.
>>Janet and Rick will help you reach your full potential in life and business by showing you how your choices and your attitude have an effect on everything around you.

Managing Paper-Part 1 (Special Guest, Abby Marks-Beale).
>>Trade secrets to faster more productive reading.
>>How to become a more efficient and enthusiastic reader.
>>How to speed up the process of learning by speeding up your reading time.
>>Find out if you’re a talking reader, a thinking reader, or a combination of both and what that means for you.
>>What does your attitude say about the way you approach your reading material? Whether it’s for business or for more personal reasons, Abby will help you discover a whole new way of looking at reading.
>>About rules and filters and how to manage your e-mail account for efficiently.
>>The 5 reasons why you are having so much trouble keeping up
>>The 8 myths about reading
>>Your baseline reading speed and what it means
>>How to create a reading pile that is more quality (instead of quantity)
>>How to find the most important information quickly
>>How to streamline your reading pile/folder
>>How to decide what to not read

Managing Paper-Part 2 (Special Guest, Professional Organizer Shirley Green)
>>What household papers you NEED to keep
>>Where and How your papers and documents should be filed
>>How and Why to use a tickler file
>>File or Toss to make filing a breeze
>>Why you need a safety deposit box
>>What you should store in your safety deposit box
>>How to create your own WHO, WHEN, and WHERE Home Management book
>>The Medical Pink Sheet – WHO and WHY you should have one

Managing Your Bedroom
This tape is packed full of tips and secrets that EVERY professional organizer should know.
>>Learn the impact of what the state of your clients bedroom means for their stress level and how getting it organized can change their life.
>>Janet will teach you a no nonsense, take charge kind of attitude towards your clients clutter and help you decide what to do about it.
>>Learn valuable techniques on how to dramatically change how your clients feel about the space in their bedroom.
>>From closets and drawers to under the bed, using Janet’s 5W’s, a teaser, and a tickle, you can transform your clients bedroom into what they've always wanted it to be.
>>How to store and organize bedding – never lose a pillowcase again!
>>Arrange your clients closet to work for them – so they can find what they want to wear.
>>How and Where to recycle their clothes and accessories
>>Learn to calculate how much laundry and how often your client wants to do laundry.
>>Tips on how to cut down on the piles of laundry, folding, and putting away
>>How to sort through your clients bed reading pile so they don’t slip and slide on their books and magazines.

Managing Your Bathroom
>>Discover the importance of getting and keeping your clients bathroom organized for a optimum safety and comfort.
>>3 methods to store towels so they aren’t in a heap on the floor
>>How and Where to display or store bath toys and gadgets, and your clients ooh-la-la’s
>>Storing and arranging medicines properly so everyone is safe

Managing Your Kitchen
>>How-to gain the control your client needs in their place of nourishment.
>>Organizing pots, pans, plastics, and lids so your client can find and use them when needed
>>Plates, glasses, and cups – Where and How to stack them up
>>Learn secret places to store seldom used appliances
>>How-to take stock of your clients pantry so they can save money
>>Creating and using a grocery list so your client doesn't run out of an item

Getting Your Children Organized
>>How-to take Toy Inventory and what to do with the overflow
>>How to create a closet and clothes system that your clients children can USE
>>What to do with all the book bags, homework, and artwork
>>How to teach children REAL time management habits that will stay with them for a lifetime
>>How to create a school and chore board

Managing Your Garage and Other Storage Areas (Special Guest Bill West)
>>Discover your objectives of garage organizing
>>How much is the stuff in your garage costing you?
>>How to empty and organize your "private landfill" and make it a useable space
>>Hang it, Shelf it, Contain it – Learn what organizing and storage products can free up valuable space

Making Time Work For You (Special Guest Harold Taylor)
>>Discover how to cope with your information explosion
>>How to take advantage of technology
>>Juggling your priorities, we all do it or TRY to do it

OverHall It! Office Organizing Series
Six One Hour Live Seminars and Teleseminar Audio CD's with Three Workbooks

How-To "OverHall" Your Office So YOU Can Make MORE Money
(2 one hour CD's)
>>The 5 W’s of Organizing to help you make better decisions of what you really need to keep.
>> The 5 W’s of Meetings (Attending and Planning) to help you determine if you really need to have a meeting or attend a meeting.
>> A Teaser and A Tickler will teach you how to sort through all your stuff and help you keep track of your stuff that's REALLY important.
>> What can be thrown away and what you REALLY need to keep on hand.
>> Where all of your office documents belong.
>> How to stop unwanted solicitation mail.
>> How to schedule your time more effectively.
>> What to do with ALL of those business cards.
>> How to set up a filing system that fits your work and co-workers style.
>> What type of office equipment is most effective for you.
>>Desktop Control:
>>What stays on your desk and what goes!
>>Getting rid of your In/Out Baskets
>>Paper Management:
>>Turn piles into files!
>>"The 5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER, and a "TICKLE"!"™
>>Time Management:
>>Handling interruptions
>>Goal setting and prioritizing
>>Mail Management:
>>Learn how to stop unwanted mail and e-mail!

"OverHall" Your Life for More Space, Time, and Money
>>Tame the demons that cause you to "get backed up, piled up or cluttered up."
>>Explore the "5 W’s of Organizing™" and put them to work in your life today.
>>Master the chaos in all areas of your life, using proven tools and techniques.

Maximize Your Time - Even When You Never Have Enough
>>Discover the secret to prioritizing your life, even with a constantly changing schedule.
>>Tame the demons that taunt you to do the "easiest things first," rather than the "most important."
>>Explore the "5 W’s of Goals, Prioritizing and Meetings™" so you can consciously focus on what you want more of in your life.

Piles, Files, Lists--OH NO!
>>Janet’s revolutionary way of getting organized and staying that way.
>>Discover Janet's 5 easy step program of organizing your desk at home or at work using the 5 W’s of Organizing.
>>Let Janet teach you the TEASER and how to make it work for you.
>>Valuable time saving techniques to make your life less hectic and feel more   in control.
>>Exactly what documents are needed and what you can safely throw away.

Janet's 5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER© and a TICKLE!

Learn step-by-step Janet's System and how to use with your clients.

Dated Filing System (Tickler File)

The secret organizing tool that ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have at their fingertips
>>Dated filing system that eliminates the piles, files and lists that clutter up your life. 
>>The system consists of 43 folders: one for each month, labeled January-December and one for each day of the month, labeled 1-31.
>>Open-ended accordion-style filing system keeps all your folders together, saving you time, energy and space. Great for you and your clients 
>>Place items here that you need to take action on
>>A place to keep track of ALL your dated items so you never miss an appointment or lose a ticket again.
>>You can order these in bulk and resell to your clients, which means extra revenue for you!


File Stand for Your Tickler File and Hanging Folders

This is where you can hang your tickler file and other hanging folders you want to put stuff into. (stand colors may vary)

Product Image



Ten 8 1/2 x 11 Laminated "TEASER" Signs

Laminated signs that are hole-punched, with a clip to keep together, to assist you anytime you need to sort stuff. (sign colors may vary)


The little Green WHO, WHEN, and WHERE
Office Management E-Booklet

>>WHO section - Record all service companies that you call and do business with your account numbers and phone numbers.
>>WHEN section - Record services performed in your office or for your equipment. Include dates for getting your software upgraded (like your virus scanner, when you need to renew your domain name, insurance polices, licenses, and so on.
>>WHERE section - Record all your important documents, such as your bank records, insurance policies, licenses, manuals, invoices, clients, and so on.  Include information about where you filed the documents.

Janet's Ten Tips to Use Your Tickler File

5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER, and a TICKLE Report

Coupon for One Hour of Phone Coaching with Janet Hall

Subscription to our two electronic newsletters
>>OverHall IT! Organizing Newsletter
>>OverHall It Internet Business Guide

Two Ebooks (Will be emailed to you)
>>How-To Pick a Shopping Cart by Tom Antion
>>Ebook Power by Rick Butts

Janet, this is an incredible value. I'm ready to order. Click HERE

Who Would Benefit From This System?

This system is for you if you want to immediately start a Professional Organizing Business or increase your learning curve. It doesn't matter who you are. All the proven techniques, tips, hints, and how-to's work.

  • You will get clients and get them quicker and easier then ever before.

  • You'll learn the method to set or raise your fee NOW!

  • You'll be able to position and present yourself as an expert Professional Organizer.

  • You'll get more referrals and business.

  • You'll work smarter and not harder.


Questions & Answers

Q. Janet, How will I use this system?
You will take notes and record your cassette counter numbers as you listen to no more than one tape at a time. Then you will review the areas of the tape that you want to immediately implement in your business. You will test the techniques (no more than 2 or 3 per client) with yourself and your clients. Concurrently you will be reading the Secrets of a Professional Organizer in your manual that will aide you in setting up your business, setting up your office, and getting and working with clients.

Reading Secrets of a Professional Organizer addresses the business end of Professional Organizing. Implement the recommended strategies and tips as you see fit. Along the way, keep track of any questions you have. Email them to me and I will address them when you get your FREE hour consultation.

Q. I don't have time to listen to audio tapes. Isn't there another way to get the information?
The one critical thing about working one-on-one with clients is that it is the one skill you cannot delegate. You are the one at your clients and you are the one who is either going to organize great, mediocre, or act like you don't know what you're doing. By finding the time, (even just one hour per week), to complete the system, your organizing business can be jump-started and will be improved on for the rest of your career. From the business end, just one of the organizing or time saving tips could easily make your client so delighted that they'll be referring you to others, which adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the balance of your career. Isn't it worth it to take a few hours now to listen to the tapes and learn from them? . . . Of course, I would be happy to coach you personally at $100.00 on the phone or $500.00 per hour in person if you think that will be more efficient.

Q. Janet, I'm just a housewife. How can your system help me?
Hush up that kind of talk! What do you mean you are "just" a housewife? Your role is critical. Your role is the hardest job in the world but it doesn't "pay" well. AND your job is tough! You must have an enormous amount of skills and energy to do your job, as you'll also need for running your business and becoming a Professional Organizer. The techniques in the Wizards Professional Organizers System will give you that jump-start into this growing and amazing industry. When you're really good at running a successful organizing business you will undoubtedly be referred to others to help them get organized. You can earn more money in a day than some make in a week! This system will make that day happen faster and give you the techniques you'll need to do a good job.

Q. I already have lots of experience as a Professional Organizer and make a good income. Why should I bother with this system?
That's great and many organizers envy you. However, one trend I'm seeing is that very young organizers are getting clients at fairly high fees and knocking the "old girls" club out of organizing jobs. The old style marketing methods of direct mail and telephone are becoming largely ineffective because of the expense and because no one answers their phone anymore. The electronic methods are taking over and this program directly addresses those issues in an easily understandable fashion.

Q. Janet, I don't have an unlimited budget to put into my professional organizing career. Your system costs quite a bit more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I'll get my money's worth?
I don't blame you for being skeptical. I'm that way myself. Lots of people are trying to sell lots of worthless things. That's why there are two very important things I want you to know.
Without bragging , I have a very strong reputation for being an excellent professional organizer, speaker, writer, coach, and trainer. I have personally organized over 500 paid home and office clients. I have trained over 50 individuals to become a Professional Organizer or build their business and I've spoken at over 25 events, including the National Association of Professional Organizers yearly conference. I've been a contributing writer to the newest national magazine to getting organized, Balance, and my 100 plus articles on organizing have been published in countless print, electronic newsletters, and posted on hundreds of web sites. I publish two of my own electronic magazines for professional organizers, OverHall IT!  with 7,000 + subscribers worldwide and OverHall It Internet Business Guide.  I am not going to damage my worldwide reputation by selling you a piece of junk.
I'm sick of tire kickers or those people who want the quick fix and get rich quick schemes. If that's you, then quit reading right now because this system is not for you. The only way you are going to be absolutely sure you get your money's worth is to do the work and put the techniques into action. I don't need the money that bad to bother with you if you aren't serious. In fact, I don't need the money at all. You do. I want to turn out great Professional Organizers, but my great information won't make you a great Professional Organizer. You will make yourself a great Professional Organizer by using my great information.

This System is an Entrepreneurs
or Professional Organizers Treasure House!

It is chock full of no-nonsense, very practical, tips, tricks, and techniques that have been researched and proven to work over the past seven years. This is a one-of-a-kind system. No where else can you find this much information on Professional Organizing in one place and for this small amount of money. You'll learn insider secrets for:

  • Getting your business up and running immediately.

  • The ability to quickly and effectively sort through any kind of clutter.

  • Being so great that people can't help but refer you or hire you again.

  • Getting more publicity than you can handle.

Clients Will Love You

  • Your clients will want to give you HUGS because:

  • You'll know simple ways to build rapport with them before you even get to their home or office.

  • You were more helpful than any other organizer they had come before you or spoke to.

  • You were current and up-to-date.

  • You were interesting and could help them get to the root of their problem.

There is no law that says you have to beat yourself into the ground to make a lot of money as a Professional Organizer. I sure don't. In fact, for the past two years all my marketing has been 1.) Referrals, 2.) Electronic, and 3.) Media. NO COLD CALLING FOR ME! I can't stand it and wouldn't do it if you held a gun to my head. With this system, cold calling and wondering where you'll find clients will be a thing of the past for you too. You get ALL my techniques and how-to's. I don't hold anything back.

No Guarantee

Why I don't give a guarantee.
It's just like in the magic industry. You absolutely can not return magic tricks, videos, props, etc. because once you know the trick you got the value. 

I have a long history of helping organizers and entrepreneurs. What I have found is that the people who buy this system on a lark or just to see what I have to say are either rip-offs or don't have much chance of success anyway.

I only want to deal with people who are deadly serious about learning how to thrive in a new career. Sure, I don't mind if you just want to dabble in organizing, but I'm not going to send you my hard earned knowledge so you can steal it and then ask for a refund when you come up a little short for Christmas money. I'm also not going to spend time with you on the phone trying to help you. I get $100.00 per hour for that now. I'm sorry, but I'm not giving up my time for free and you won't want to give your hard earned knowledge away either when I teach you what I'm going to teach you.

The value you will be receiving in this system comes from the knowledge from the books, audio tapes, and CD's.  

I will be glad to certify that every single thing written in the description above is in the system. If you buy the system and challenge me on the above statement, I'll be glad to take the time to point out where the item is. If I show you something that you're challenging, you agree to pay me for my time. How's that? Is that fair? But guess what. I don't want to do that. I want you to study and apply the techniques and get the success your deserve if you work at it.

If you're the kind of person that's willing to invest some time, study, and work a little to shorten your learning curve then The Wizard's Professional Organizers System is for you. You're the kind of person who is going to be really, really successful. 

If you're lazy, aren't willing to invest some time, do the work or study, then you won't be successful and this system is not for you.

Which type of person are you? If you are a lazy person, don't buy because I'm not giving your money back and you can use the system as a doorstop . . . pretty expensive door stop wouldn't you say?

If you are willing to invest the time and study then order immediately and let's get moving making you an awesome Professional Organizer. I will bend over backwards to try to help you reach your goals.

Fast Action Bonus 1 : Valuable Discount Coupon

Order right NOW and you will receive two free 30 minute consultations (PLUS the one hour you get with the system). One to be used before you receive the system and one to be used during your study time. I will be your personal coach to become a GREAT Professional Organizer. I'll help you with any aspect of your business you choose, whether it's marketing, networking, speech development, or research. I'll be right there personally making sure you are on the right track.

Fast Action Bonus 2 : FrontPage Training

Order right NOW and you will receive one free one hour phone training in FrontPage. You can have your web site up within one hour (must have a domain and hosting company) and have a jump-start on your Professional Organizing business.

I'm ready to order. Click HERE to order via our secure server.
Call 1-800-687-3040 or outside US call 1-410-586-9440 to 
order via phone. 

Smiles, not Piles,
Janet L. Hall, The Person/Place Energy Mover

P.S. Hey listen. Maybe you're just starting out and it's hard for you to imagine making $500 PLUS a day. Don't worry. Anyone who does the things outlined in this system, with genuine commitment and work, can easily make this kind of money. Did you know that you could actually be losing money because you are too cheap? It happened to me on the way up and I know other Professional Organizers who fell into the same trap. We thought that keeping our fees low would mean we would get more clients.....NOT TRUE! Low fees sometimes make the client think you must not be very good. (Keeping your fee low INCREASES the risk of NOT being hired) I won't let this happen to you.

Ready to order? Click HERE    

Janet L. Hall
P.O. Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
Email Janet
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